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  1. This looks great. I've no idea how you manage to pull off something that looks so good in next to no time.
  2. Those Canada Geese look superb. Yes you'll see Canada Geese, Herons and Godwits (both species) around the Medway Estuary. Gull wise you'll see plenty of Herring Gull , Black Headed Gulls and both Lesser and Great Black Backed Gulls - Common Gulls aren't common though. Ruddy Ducks aren't completely impossible but very unlikely - they've all but been eradicated from the UK, it's very much a question of when you're model is set. The UK population didn't get that established until the 1970s (derived from escapees in late 40's). Not uncommon through 80's and 90's then pretty
  3. There's a tiny section on the line in Robin Waywell's IRS book on industrial railways and locomotives in Kent. Not a lot of detail on the line other than it was largely used for dumping mud from Chatham Docks. List the known locos though if you're interested? You've definitely captured the grottyness!
  4. Okay, I'm not sure where the best place to post this nagging question is (mods feel free to move it), but whilst deciding on what colour to paint doors, windows, corrugated iron, cranes etc. I kept coming up with mid-green. Does anyone know why mid-green paint seems to have been the defacto choice for industrial equipment and buildings since the 19th Century (and possibly earlier)?
  5. I must get over to my parent's loft. I had one of those (secondhand early 70's) (along with the Triang shunter). It ran like a racehorse and the motor sparked like anything. I wonder whether it's still there.
  6. If you're not too bothered about precise scale you might get away with some of the Western wargaming mdf kits for buildings - they're nominally for 28mm figures which would put them slightly over scale, but the buildings tend to be undersized - dirt cheap so might be worth a try e.g. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/4696-wild-west-scenery
  7. Bored with inscribing stone setts and still prevaricating over whether to squeeze a curved background on or stick with corners that are at least view blocked at low level, I had a play with another element. I needed a small coal lorry suitable for use in early to mid 50's and the options seemed surprisingly limited, particularly if you wanted to avoid railway or regional branding. I ended up picking up a used Pocketbond Classix, stripping paint with a dremel and brushes before priming and hand painting. Main colour is mix of Tamiya white, blue and decktan. First time I've tried t
  8. Hi Keith, To my eye the spit planks look much better. I think it's worth the effort. Take care, Richard
  9. As an interior I don't think the slight oversize width will show, but looking like real wood will. I look forward to seeing it develop.
  10. Mike - any thoughts on how you're going to depict the harbour mud? I'm needing a small build up of creek silt at the front of mine and my experiments haven't been overly successful. I tried filler painted sandish colour and it looked too matt and too smooth. I know the texture is negligible scaled down but I think I need a hint of texture for it to look right and it needs to look damp. Was wondering about a gloopy mix of gloss varnish, chinchilla dust and weathering pigment, but yet to try.
  11. There's always The Isle of Sheepey Light Railway (although I have to say MrWolf's photos do make Colonel Stephens Railway's seem the height of unnecessary expenditure).
  12. A bitty day. Roof section of timber store assembled (Wills Kit) and given initial paint (believe it or not under natural light the corrugated iron is green with black (well black lightened a little with some deck tan to soften slightly) wood work. Kadee magnets cut down a little from each end with a dremel. I was going to just paint planks on, but decided to gently score them with the cutting disk to hopefully enhance the illusion. Of course the planks are now 4mm wide, but my walnut strip wood for the rest of the walkway was 3mm. The difference showed too much so not b
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