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  1. I grew up in the area and can just remember the railway - it was still running in the early 70's, but whilst the gravel works carried on for much longer the railway didn't last past the end of the 70's as far as I can recall. As a teenager (80's) you could walk along some of the old track bed near that bridge - there was still rail and sleepers. I haven't been down there in over 20 years so I've no idea what remains. There was a similar line at their Faversham site, but that was pretty much inaccessible without obvious trespass when I took a wander a few years back and is now being developed as a housing estate,
  2. You're collecting a nice collection of rolling stock. We definitely need someone to produce a rtr class 01 though - ubiquitous for East Kent.
  3. Lovely looking loco. It possibly finished it's days on Tunbridge Wells- Three Bridges?
  4. That's what weathering powders were invented for
  5. Langley do a few bits and pieces - lathe etc.
  6. Good luck with he layout and job hunting. Don't overlook your local FE colleges - pay isn't school standards but can be rewarding in a different way.
  7. I went with modelscene (some trimmed down). Did need a lot of seam removal though...
  8. It might be worth looking at some of the "Steam Punk" gears/cogs packs you see on Amazon/Etsy/Ebay
  9. This looks great. I've no idea how you manage to pull off something that looks so good in next to no time.
  10. Those Canada Geese look superb. Yes you'll see Canada Geese, Herons and Godwits (both species) around the Medway Estuary. Gull wise you'll see plenty of Herring Gull , Black Headed Gulls and both Lesser and Great Black Backed Gulls - Common Gulls aren't common though. Ruddy Ducks aren't completely impossible but very unlikely - they've all but been eradicated from the UK, it's very much a question of when you're model is set. The UK population didn't get that established until the 1970s (derived from escapees in late 40's). Not uncommon through 80's and 90's then pretty much shot out of existence in last 20 yrs to protect the Spanish White Duck population.
  11. There's a tiny section on the line in Robin Waywell's IRS book on industrial railways and locomotives in Kent. Not a lot of detail on the line other than it was largely used for dumping mud from Chatham Docks. List the known locos though if you're interested? You've definitely captured the grottyness!
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