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  1. Thank you for the response. Skimming my 1964 version, only tables of dimensions, not speed restriction tables.
  2. Very informative on speed vs. crossover. Is there a table of crossover sizes vs. speed limit anywhere? Update - Found a link
  3. Martin, You are a bottomless pit of permanent way knowledge..! Please write that book!!! Patrick
  4. Martin, you need to write that book...! then you would get a £1 every time..! Patrick
  5. Please write a comprehensive book.... It would be a best seller, honest, no joke. We need all your knowledge captured. Templot blogs are fine but a book would benefit a far wider audience. Patrick
  6. Hi Wayne, Just to clarify, did you mean the current N gauge kits or do you already sell 2FS kits to the 2SA? Will the N gauge range be available in the new format at some point in the future? Excellent products for the 2mm and 3mm community. Well done. Patrick
  7. I had no idea C&L and ES sold them..! But I think i'll stick with the frog rail gap solution.
  8. I used gaps between frogs and rail to provide electrical isolation rather than use unsightly plastic fishplates when I made the subsequent (EM) prototypes. Looks far neater in my humble opinion. I have a test track which I can 'flick' between DCC and DC, there are no issues but I do not use cab control.
  9. At the end of the day it is a representation of what was there and as long as it satisfies the modeller, no problem. Enjoyment or the endless and fruitless quest for the the holy grail?
  10. But better than nothing and an improvement on the signal box diagrams which are representative of the configuration, not the physical layout. On (2) and (3), OS are required to leave out certain military features, 'deliberately leave out' is a bit disingenuous..!
  11. Did you manage to get a track diagram? i am modelling NFW in EM and have track plans from 1960 and earlier ones are available. They are taken from ordnance survey 1:2500 maps and show both rails and the turnouts appear to be of the correct length.
  12. As St Enodoc says, give it a go. A B7 is already available in OO and EM and a 1:7 crossing will be available shortly, again in OO and EM. They only take 40-60 minutes to make, no gluing of chairs, no gauges required, just a few parts to assemble. And if that does no temp you, they are cheaper..! If you read the thread you will find they can also be curved very simply. Patrick
  13. Thanks Martin, I'm a bit slow then ..! On C&L, yes I had a look when I discovered the issue..! Only bought 3 lengths and a small y of PECO for a test track but will use C&L if and when I build an indoor/outdoor layout.
  14. Off topic I know, but has anybody noticed that Peco O Gauge Bullhead Flexi appear to be more flat bottom than bullhead..!
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