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  1. Not necessarily true. It probably depends on how it is sent. I have ordered enough stuff from the UK that is traceable to my door in NL
  2. Exactly, which is why it is no longer as interesting for me to buy second hand stuff on EBay from the UK when Ebay automatically adds 21% Dutch VAT
  3. Correct. I suggest you use the "contact us" information at the bottom of that "Orders" page
  4. I had the same issue (message saying something was left in my basket) but if I log onto the Hornby site I do get to see my pre-order.
  5. If I am ordering stuff from the UK and it gets shipped by Royal Mail once it arrives in NL it is handled by their partner PostNL. It is standard that it then gets stuck for three weeks or more for them to pull their finger out and get it cleared by Dutch customs. They also require payment of VAT/duty/clearing costs before delivery. Usually I get a request for payment in the post one day before the deadline after which they return goods to sender.
  6. I thought so too. The last time I bought from a UK based seller on EBay I requested the UK VAT to be deducted from the asking price which they did. This is not so easy to do when it involves a private sale. Sure enough, Ebay then added Dutch VAT.
  7. If there are large variations in temperature is it possible that expansion/contraction could affect track and scenery? Then again, I have never seen problems of plasterboard cracking when using this technique for stud wall construction.
  8. For trade between the UK and EU scale models fall under a zero tariff
  9. I tried watching the interview with Howard Smith on YouTube. Painful! I didn't manage to watch for more than four minutes.
  10. EBay is required to take care of VAT. It doesn't matter if you have an Ebay shop or selling second hand stuff privately. This is why, for me, buying stuff on Ebay from a UK based seller is no longer interesting (unless it's REALLY cheap of course).
  11. If the correct customs code has been used you should not be charged duty because scale models fall under a 0% tariff.
  12. About 220C but you will need to set the iron temp higher to get it flowing readily
  13. It's a real shame but understandable. I was hoping to make a trip back to the UK and combine a visit to the show with a visit to family in Stafford. Maybe next year. I do hope that the club is not too much out of pocket.
  14. Quite possibly but doesn’t need to be. I work for a company developing LCD displays (glass) for the automotive industry. Our packaging engineers go to a lot of trouble in design to make sure goods arrive in one piece. Packaging is drop tested before being released for production.
  15. For small suppliers of niche products that could be but my experience with the larger suppliers is not too bad just don't talk to me about shipping times using Royal Mail and their partner PostNL.
  16. Merry Christmas too, to everybody at Little Muddle. Looking forward to lots of new posts in 2022.
  17. I had the same problem with a retailer in Cornwall. I also pointed out their mistake but ended up having to pay import duty anyway. Good luck
  18. I think it depends a lot on who you’re buying from. Certainly second hand stuff has become more expensive. If the VAT is dealt with properly it’s not too bad providing you don’t get stung by shipping costs.
  19. I said "Dutch" not "Deutsche".
  20. I'm becoming really frustrated. My renumbered/renamed Clan has been stuck for three weeks waiting for Dutch customs clearance. Aaaaagggh!
  21. I should have known that. Well that's me feeling stupid for the rest of the week
  22. Please forgive my ignorance but what is the function of the sticky-up protuberances?
  23. Sounds like that's only because the dealer made a mistake. Some people have all the luck
  24. It looks like this should work because the diode needed for rectification as mentioned by @Nigelcliffe is included. Just make sure you get the connections to the electrolytic capacitor the right way round to avoid inadvertently making a time bomb.
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