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  1. Thanks for the valuable feedback aleopardstail. I have (somewhere) one of those CMX clean machine trucks/track cleaners so can run that around. In worst case I’d have to remove levels above to access level 0 for a deep clean. I think I’ll incorporate some means of removing upper section boards so that (occasionally) I can access lower levels for maintenance, etc. yes derailed stock could be an issue, I think ill have access panels from above at various points (as well as limited side access) to assist in rerailing when the inevitable happens. good tip on track
  2. Thanks Alister. It may well be a slow progress project and (obviously) I’ll only be tackling one level at a time. I’m not in any rush and I hope to learn and I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes as I go along my journey. It may be that level 0 is the only level for a little bit (storage lines) but at the very least I’ll still have an oval to run trains in a circle (appreciate this isn’t to everyone’s taste but hey it’s my model railway room) . My master plan is to make level 1 the main level with a twin track main line, station, etc, etc, but I’ll get to that when I get to it. I may make level 1
  3. Hello all, Thanks for the above comments. Just to clarify - yes level 0 will effectively be storage roads, not a fiddle yard (apologies if I used the wrong term, I'm sure you can forgive me (hopefully)) - I won't be fiddling with stock down there, just parking up locomotives and trains. I'm be minimising space between levels to reduce the inclines between levels and there wont be space to fiddle. Yes I may well fit cameras, I already have CCTV in the room which I installed myself and that wont be a problem for me. Having said that, I own a copy of train con
  4. Level 0 may start something like the below amended plan, a few photos of the room/space available (excuse the mess in some of the photos, need to tidy up!)
  5. Hello all, I am returning to the hobby after circa 15 years (previously had a basic layout at parents property but this got moth balled and stored) I have recently got the bug again and decided to build a layout in my own workshop/shed which will become my model railway room. I'm planning on a multi level layout with a fiddleyard/storage yard on level 0 above which I intend to build a more scenic level/main running lines at level 1 and possibly even a branch above that at level 2 (eventually). My current thinking is this will be a roundy roundy layout . No f
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