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  1. Here's mine during its test run, pictured with a couple of friends. Proper pleased with it. Now to fit the details.
  2. Both Bachmann retooled 40s have had the Shawplan windscreen treatment
  3. My ‘Experiment’ has just been shipped from Kernow
  4. A class 37 is the next loco to have had attention. Shawplan windscreens and some light weathering.
  5. Mind you, I quite like the thought of building one from all the bits....
  6. That fits in with my general cashflow nicely, so no problems here.
  7. I've taken the plunge with the 37. Screens stuck on and filled. A trial coat of paint and remove any imperfections next.
  8. I think the need to fill the bottom sides will mean I need to redo the lower stripe. I’ll try and keep the side ones intact as safety striping is my nemesis! There is the fallback position of a banger blue respray, as I can never have too many blue locos for my main period, but I’ll try and keep the sector livery intact. Of course I can take more time cutting the backplate so it’s a snugger fit next time, and perhaps I’ll find closer fitting examples from the other five assemblies. The acrylic varnish used for glazing will also fix the lower edge of the windscreens to the top of the bonnet. It makes for a good adhesive.
  9. Class 37 stylee. The challenge is to see if any of the orange stripe around the cabs makes it through!
  10. I’ve started to do the rest of my 37s and 40s, and I’m working on a full set of pictures to post on here, but this just about sums up my simplified approach, with one set of windscreens just sat on a Bachmann retooled 40. The existing screens will be removed and filed out before I stick the Shawplan bits on and fill with superglue, which is the next step.
  11. Thanks for the nice comments @P.C.M and @Stu from EGDL. I just wish I had more time to expand things, but work takes up a lot of my time at the moment. There is a plan afoot for when I retire, but there’s still a few years to go. Still, the little layout suffices for now. I had my first feline incursion the other day, bending one piece of catenary wire and a lamp post. They bent back OK and now the covers are deployed.
  12. After much deliberation, I'm fitting Shawplan windscreens to all my remaining 40s and 37s. I'll document this in the Skills and Knowledge section when I have a decent set of pictures from the work in progress, but here's a taster.
  13. A new Duff has just been outshopped, looking like it hasn't just been outshopped!
  14. I built just such a diorama last year under lockdown. It’s powered (DC) and serves as a backdrop for the locos I was starting to amass. One thing lockdown made me realise is that it is work and interacting with people for too long during the day that wears me down, but I recharge whilst alone and modelling helps (I’m a textbook introvert, most of the time). The lockdown served as a blueprint for retirement, and now my task is to work out how I can retire as soon as possible, but manage a reasonable income, through whatever means. I can reflect many others’ comments on here that being stressed, through work does not make me want to do any creative pursuits after. Instead I prefer to disappear into the countryside on my bike for a bit of greenery and nature.
  15. Well, here's what I ended up doing currently work in progress on the workbench, and jolly satisfying it is too. I will almost definitely treat myself to the new Bachmann 47 in due course, but it will be at a point when one is in stock somewhere and I have the cash to spend. Pre ordering an expensive loco means I can't guarantee having the funds when they arrive as stuff happens.
  16. That’s a damn good idea. A top tip no less
  17. You have a point. I missed that off my post above, but there was a little black in the mix too. Though on reflection…..black! https://youtu.be/wj84tfS7ag4
  18. I used a mix of bauxite and frame dirt in varying proportions. I then found a mislaid pot of sleeper grime that also got put in the mix later on. All Railmatch acrylics.
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