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  1. Late to the party here but I am pretty sure they ran 303 9 car sets for special events such as tall ships at Greenock and the Scottish Golf Open at Troon. It required extra platform staff at Paisley for dispatch and were limited stop. I can't remember any further details, best part of 25 years ago this would have happened.
  2. There is also a grey Transrail livery one. I picked one up a year or so back.
  3. Johnstone was my local station in the late 80s and there were double headed 37 coal or ore train at least twice an hour each direction. Thrown into the mix 20s and 26s on engineer trains and 47s on the Stranraer trains it was a great time.
  4. Just seen this thread. I remember being issued the Maroon South West one and having to wear it with the white and red striped shirt. Talk about a clash of colours!
  5. Many thanks Yes Tor for your detailed reply. I'll give that a try later in the week. Very much appreciated.
  6. Had a day of running the fleet of locos today after a spell of idleness and one of my class 60 seems to have developed a nasty screeching noise from the motor or gears. When my 56 developed this a few years back I managed to remove the gear tower housings for lubricant but the 60 has the engine block moulding covering the gear tower. Has anyone else had this problem and came up with a solution?
  7. Funnily enough. I was wondering what was in the wagons as I had been working in Troon and kept seeing at Freightliner 66 going past with new box wagons. My questions were answered on Tuesday when I ended up on a roof of a building overlooking the Largs branch and managed to see that it was coal. There was still some in the bottom of the wagons on the return leg.
  8. I feel that this is the location. I remember looking through the fence after it was all covered over while out on my Raleigh Grifter. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@55.8235554,-4.5106526,18z/data=!3m1!1e3
  9. If you go to Google maps and do a street view of Linwood road you can see the railway bridge with the faded lettering of the Talbot plant. It says ' Talbot home of the Sunbeam and Avenger' My old neighbour worked there at the closure and he said all the remaining bodyshells and components that couldn't be reused or sold ended up in an old quarry on Rannoch Road in Johnstone.
  10. Just compared the pics to the original 37672 in Transrail and its a different body moulding. I think the original is the right moulding with the correct cantrail grilles. I'll probably get one anyway.
  11. No, didn't use ehattons, just hattons.co.uk. This may be my problem. I'll need to remember next time. Thanks for that.
  12. Just had a frustrating 10 mins looking for the Hornby 9f in the loco section of the website. Search either returned no items or a seemingly random list of unrelated items. I wish they would put the second hand, sorry pre owned stuff elsewhere. Now ordered from another establishment. While scrolling through the list I found a Hornby class 25 titled poor runner and in the description a smooth runner. It's issues like this that are eroding my confidence in Hattons.
  13. Thanks for replying Paul. Thanks for reminding me about Maidstone Barracks too. Another classic. Hope to see Tonbridge West one day, Midland Railex might be my chance.
  14. Just been looking through some old magazines and found my Modelrail supplement for June 1994 with an article on Tonbridge West Yard. What an amazing looking layout for the time and it still looks as good. After reading tge article in 1994 I decided I must get into Southern region EMUs and spent all my pocket money on an MTK 2EPB. It finally made its way into the bin after my last clear out Christmas last.
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