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  1. While standing in front of my layout I figured I might as well begin with drybrushing the right module. So I quickly took some brown, beige and earth brown (for ballast and sleepers) and I started brushing. I must say, it already looks a lot better. The clay road will be modeled to resemble a hardened road. It just wide enough so a single truck can travel on it. I applied woodglue to the road and than sprinkled some sand on it. The sand is used to create the effect of asphalt. After I vaccuum the layout and the road, I will paint the road in black and drybrush it with
  2. Hello, Today I was watching a Bob Ross video for inspirational purposes. I was going to paint some hills and stuff on the background. During painting I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Sorta like last time. I guess one has to make some actual paintings following Bob's videos to get a feeling for it. Anyways I am happy with the results so far. I made a simple road of clay afterwards. And relocated the bufferstop to the distillery where it's imperfections are less noticeable I am unfortunately a
  3. Started with the cattle dock today. Them cows look massive. I think I should stick with sheep on this dock. I only had 7cm to play with and I divided the platfom and the ramp into even stretches of 3.5cm. This is about 2.66m or 8.7' in 00 gauge. Unfortunately I ran out of supplies. I wanted to make concrete edges out of styreen L profiles. I am also not entirely happy with the fences I have in stock. I have some of these, but I highly doubt if I can make a pritty cattle dock with these. It is not the look I am go
  4. Today I glued the ballast on the right side and the soil on the left side. Not my favourite chore pipetting that much surface I also fixated the dairy factory and the distillery. But not before I added some lights. I glued two pieces of 12V ledstrip on the bottemside of the canopy. I used slim emailed wire between the strips and busch micro wire to connect it. The wires are fixated with ducttape and the whole is painted in the same color as the canopy. When looking from a normal height, one is unlikely to see any of it though The distill
  5. Just some pictures today Kind regards, Bas
  6. I had the unfortune of being sent to Portugal for work for 10 days all the sudden. Wanted to hobby alot.. but on the brightside. My Hotel room overlooked a nice railway line which was well served by many trains Anyways back to buissness.. euh hobby. I experimented with making a bufferstop. I sorta dropped the ball a bit on this one. Pictures say more than words. And you can see for yourself. At this point I thought, time and resources were already spent, might as well finish it. So I finished it and untill I made a better one I will leave it be on the coal siding
  7. Hello, I have a question. I started to shunt recently with all my new english rolling stock and I really really would like to get rid of those horrible standard tension lock couplings. They bug me on more than way. - I cannot uncouple cars by lifting a car. - They have far too much backlash (like 2 or 3mm) - The uncoupling rods on the bottem side are spaced out to far so you need a really wide uncoupler - They lack pre-uncoupling - too big a distance between the wagons However these became the standard in the UK is a mystery to me. A
  8. I managed to finish the coal bunker Added some coal And I put down some more dirt and ballast Kind regards, Bas
  9. Busy day today. I repainted the brown ground and I aplied dry dirt to it. Also painted the front side of the base boards black. I have to do this one more time It does look make a huge difference compared to the wooden color And I wanted to ask. What do you guys think of this color of ballast? It is Noch red brown H0 ballast. I usually use iton my Dutch layout. Ofcourse it becomes slightly darker when I glue and drybrush it. I have also started on the coal bunker. I was not entirely sure how high it should be. It is 3
  10. Today I painted the background, typical Scottish weather. I know I am not that great a painter. I simply mix some white with some black paint, added a little purple/blue tone and I simply start brushing a la Bob Ross style. I am not yet done with the background. I made a small stretch of highlands which is currently is standing on my wardrobe in the bedroom. wardrobe. Again nothing fancy really, but I like the looks of it. It was done with the cheapest paint available. For Rosedale Abbey I want to do the same only w
  11. There are several ways of setting points, one switch per point, switches for entire routes (setting multiple points with one switch) and setting points by means of a remote handcontroller. I did not want to build in a switch panel inside the board so I chose the last option, handcontroller style. I once worked with a roco multimaus, that can do precisely this but I found the the device to be rather cumbersome. Also being owner of a terrible marklin mobile station and central station, I prefer user-friendliness above all. And so the 2 button idea came to mind. My idea needed the con
  12. On a Dutch forum I made a separate thread about the construction of the baseboards https://forum.beneluxspoor.net/index.php?topic=94006.15 The 2 halves can be put on top of eachother so that the high side fits on the low side of the other. The top sides are pointed to eachother. This mean that the front sides of the halves cannot have high scenery parts. The outer station tracks and the outer fiddleyard can each be slid into the 2 halves. You can see there is not much space. If I ever put the track on display I will take the station buildings with me separately.
  13. Hello, I am gently transitioning from modeling dutch railways to modeling railways from across the sea aka the UK. I am currently building a small portable shelf layout which I call Rosedale Abbey. They layout is pure fictional as the real Rosedale Abbey does not even have a railway. The whole also serves as a test for several technologies I am develloping. The first thing is the wooden construction itself. I wanted to make a model railway which could be transported as a suitcase. I made a mistake of making the suitcase 122mm long instead of 90cm. So it is actually a b
  14. Hello, This is my first post on RMweb after my introduction. And I am not quite sure if I have found the right place. I came across this picture of a class 37. I am interested in the landscape. When playing Train simulator 2020 I recognized it when passing through. So I know precisely where it is. It is just east of Lochailort on the WHL between Mallaig and Fort William. https://www.google.com/maps/@56.8811392,-5.6264037,16.5z I'd like to model it later on, therefor I am looking for some more photo's. I'd like to go there myself on my next holida
  15. Hello, My name is Sebastiaan Knippels (call me Bas), I am 29 years old, live in Heerhugowaard, Holland, I am married and have 2 pet cats. I've been developing an increasing interest in British railroads and stock (Scotland in particulair). After me and my wife came back from our honeymoon in Scotland I obviously had to purchase a class 156 in Scotrail blue saltire livery and now I am in the possession of the class 156, 2 W4 pecketts, 2 class 37s (large logo and dutch yellow grey), and a class 122 bubblecar (BR blue) oh and I have a Mallard. I have also started to build a 2 piece mo
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