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  1. Hi all I like your thoughts on the new locos the dinnosors as you put it annolog as apposed to digtal I think we can all now enjoy which ever mode of operation we like. Im still annolog and i have no intention of changing. Regards Ray. PS Ben they eventually moved Evergreen ship (joke).
  2. Hi all, Christmas has come early this year. My order for my NCB &BS Yellow arrived in this moonings post. They look superb well worth waiting for and the price is excellent compared to other N gauge Locos by commerial companies. ( I know that the NGS is a non profit making co.) But it still shows the wait was worth it . Look forward to the next loco project. Regards Ray. Next step is running them.
  3. Hi all has christmas come early this year. Yes I got my final payment request for my 2 locos the other day and sent in the payment as requested. Looking forward to seeing the little beuties.,as I have not seen them at a show or on display only in the NGS mag or in the general press. Les 1952 Its a shame that they were not fully avialable befor you sold Hawthorne Dene they would have looked a treat running on that layout. May be I will get to building Backworth collerey one day. All the best regards Ray.
  4. Hi Jim , that sounds like a good idea ( I wonder if Tim Bell of Architecure of the railways built knows anything about this line as he did an article the other week on another Scotish station which has been put back into use, for a another good use as an information centre.) A program that i find interesting with some very useful tips. Keep up the good work regards Ray.
  5. Hi Ian, I agree it does make your layout look different taking photos from the other side, it shows that you have not skimped on the buildings that you can shown either way round. Yes as I said at Uckfield I wish I had a liittle more time that Sunday afternoon , we may have a bit more to to have a chinwag about railways and modelling. Best regards Ray.
  6. Hi Jim, I do read the previous remarks as it keeps me in the pictue of what has been done. I can see you hane finished the cobbles now and you have moved tha Crane , what are your plans for the vast area in front of the offices and othe buildings ? keep up the good work and story line .Regards Ray.
  7. Hi John ,Jerry and all, It must have been your first outing for Wadebridge Padstow since the pandemic glad that you made it to Uckfield show.I didnt realise that you were going to be there. I only knew that Ian and Modbury were to be on show. I was a little pushed for time on Sunday afternoon as I didnt have long to chat may catch you later on at another show. Layout is looking good.I think it was Jerry Iwas talking to about the turntable on Padstow as he was letting a couple of kids have a go with the buttons on the control board. Nice to see you any way look forward to seing you in the future. best regards Ray October 2021
  8. Hi Andy thanks for the info re the Grenada, I only wish that RedAndy would get his own site I dont like EBAY. Regards Ray.
  9. Hi JIm, nice to see that you are still sane all those cobbles , Its looking good. Just been to my first exhibition for the past 2 years after cancellations due to COVID. I paid a visit on Sunday to Uckfield, mainly to see Ian Smiths layout Modbury.I didnt realise that John Greenwood was also there with Wadebridge and Padstow. So that was a double for me.both are excellent layouts. keep up thegood work. Regards Ray.
  10. Hi Ian,well we managed to meet at the Ukfield show and i must say it was truely worth it .Your model diarama what ever you wish to call it was amazing . I still cant think how you can write this blog page and do the amount of really excellent modelling into the time that you have between the models and articles . The Locos are a true art from start to the finished item.Nice to chat to you even it was for a short time considering you were very busy.Look forward to seeing you and Modbury in the future. Best regards Ray. Ps Thanks to your 2mm members helping out at Ukfield over the weekend the show was very good and it now shows that things are returning a little back to normal.
  11. Hi, Mike ,Richard ,& Mike, thanks for the info will have to rumage through my own library and see if ther are any photos. My parcel arrived from Rod in yesterdays post the castings look very good and i will look forward to making them. Regards Ray.
  12. Hi Richard ,thanks for the info .I have seen pictures of Montys fleet or general war office on the move .He changed the caravans a some point to I think it was Italian built capturedin Libya fro0m the German /Italian forces during the African campain. I believe that they are now part of the IWM colletion at Duxford. Regards Ray
  13. Hi Mike Harvey, thanks for the info and price updates .I have just ordered some of his kits as Richard said the new ones are very useful. Mike,@royal42 were the Fordson 7V articulatated lorries used by the British forces during and after ww2?. I seem to think that the RAF used them in Gatow during the airlift .(Dad was stationed there in 1952-53). If not they must have been US built. Regards all Ray.
  14. Hi Jim, we wont mention cobles as it might leed toother expresions being used like pigs can fly or was it look you in the eye? Yes it would look quite good to see some cobles in that area .If you can lay them ( without you going mad). Nice to hear Richard @fenwick is back on line .Regards Ray.
  15. Hi Ian , just a thought have you tried fuse wire for your reins ,should you still have any about ? remembering thar the new fuse boxes are resetable most people have thrown theirs out .(mine went in the junk box may be of use later). I like your horse and cart it will give your station yard something else . Regards Ray.
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