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  1. I was going to build myself a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) DC controller, but the price of Gaugemster's GMC-Combi isn't much more than I can buy the parts. I asked them if it was a PWM type of controller, but they replied that the only PWM controllers they do are those with feedback (which I don't want). I would have thought that ALL "electronic" controllers use PWM outputs nowadays. Can anyone shed any light on this please or suggest another make of PWM controller. Thanks
  2. That's the ones, apart from the fully made up one all I have is the uprights and brackets (assembled). Looking at the other parts I'm almost glad I don't have them. I agree the parts would take a lot of sorting. I will look at the Ratio kit. Thanks for your responses.
  3. Hi everyone, my first posting !! I have inherited some cast metal signals. The name cast on the bottom is "B&K Made in England". One is complete and painted and looks professionally done. I have a number of others that are unpainted and unfinished just pole and base, i.e. no arms, operating rods or ladders. Does anyone know if they are still being made possibly under a different name as I can't find anything on the net. Or does anyone have a suggestion as to what parts I could use to finish them off? Many thanks for any comments. Jeff.
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