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  1. These are amazing - the highlight of any layout!
  2. Yes, not the case here, but in Paris, reproduction of a night shot of the lit Eiffel tower apparently requires permission.
  3. Yes, as long as you are in a public place, and are not breaching other laws. It differs obviously by country - a long lens pap shot of celebs in their French garden is against French privacy laws, but would be legal in Britain. There's many jobsworths who don't understand the laws surrounding photography - an issue ten plus years ago in places like London, where innocent photographers were accosted by police under terrorism laws asking to justify their actions. Photographic societies even produced cards to carry so photographers knew their rights. You also had cases when a photographer would take a photo of some building from across the street (i.e. from a public space) and a security guard would come out and say it couldn't be photographed because of "copyright"!
  4. The British Railways Board still exists with two directors as a sort of shell company because it was a signatory to the Channel Tunnel. I imagine it might?
  5. Came across this recently: https://youtu.be/QLl9NCJvZjw
  6. Where on earth were those photos taken!
  7. When I built a model railway as a boy, for some reason I was fixated on pylons, and insistent my layout had them! Even used thread as cables between them. So I was glad to pick up the Hornby offering.
  8. The issue of licensing by TOCs arose in a railway simulator forum (whereby licensing has been required to included branded trains in routes). I presume this must obviously happen nowadays, with Hornby et al following similar procedures, but these are changed times from the past, and it begs the question of what happened in the older days of model railways: did Hornby in the 1970s have to be ‘licensed’ by British Rail to manufacture BR trains? Did they need to do anything, even? Or was BR, as a nationalised industry, presumed to be ‘public property’?
  9. There's a good collection of diagrams here: http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/Prototype.html
  10. How would the sloped front be modelled?
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