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  1. I got 14 on the empathy test, i'm that person who inadvertently offends people with monotonous regularity. I don't like conversational nuance at all, though I don't mind it in written things.
  2. I scored 30 which didn't surprise me - I do have some very strong Aspergers/Autism traits. Good luck to those awaiting diagnoses.
  3. 12 hour shift survived. Patricia may be bound for Greenock rather than Swansea.
  4. POETS day may be dawning for some of you but it will be an anti-POETS day for me. My days off are currently Wednesday and Thursday so Friday is the start of my working week. And I have, perhaps unwisely, agreed to a 12 hour shift tomorrow. But at least the manager who phoned me just now didn't suggest extending it any further, he just gave me more work to do in the existing time. #livingthedream And yes, I do like my job. Which is just as well really.
  5. Mr and Mrs Stationmaster report their arrival aboard. They were greeted with tea and home made cake, followed by champagne. We've had a couple of heavy showers. They did nothing for the laundry but the garden is looking cheerful.
  6. I'm definitely an ER these days. I've done so many early starts at work lately that i'm having trouble sleeping past 6. Maybe we should have an RMWeb trip to see Dom and his trams?
  7. The bloke is an idiot for not complying with the PCSO's request The police are even stupider.
  8. Well there's only one possible rating for that post - thanks. Donk is a gentleman. Must be the influence of the company he keeps.
  9. Fecking fecktards Good luck with that mate.
  10. Us small furry types have to stick together It was really nice to meet the four of you, I hope you enjoy the rest of the trip - though it doesn't look like you'll have good weather today. I was going to do some gardening but it looks like being a bit wet. Perhaps i'll finish my holiday diary instead then? Belated congratulations and commiserations as appropriate.
  11. Sorry i'm late. Touch of finger trouble. Well hand trouble actually, being as it was nearer wrist level where it got squashed. It isn't broken so i've been told to elevate it (but not been given a sling) and rest it (but i've not been signed off work)... In any case I am still in working order, as indeed is my brother post bollard incident. Well that's what he says when he gets home from certain nights out anyway.
  12. And they wouldn't have done as good a job as they did if we hadn't babysat them all the time they were here and made ourselves bloody awkward.
  13. I can't believe you lot are encouraging Roundhouse to lie about the destruction of the plants. Just hope it destroys them completely and then deny that they existed in the first place. Plants, what plants?
  14. I'm 32. Which I presume means i'm not responsible for any of this mess.
  15. Well done Jock. Other congratulations/commiserations as appropriate. Today's exciting news is that my old school has at last achieved fame. I'm so proud #not http://www.getreading.co.uk/news/local-news/denefield-teacher-banned-life-after-6283897
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