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  1. I think they were 3s too. There is actually an exhibit at the DB museum in Nuremberg showing the different nose profiles but I missed photographing it. The Brussels-Frankfurt run always seems to be an ICE 3 and feels very fast indeed.
  2. Over the past couple of weeks I have been away on a vaguely circular tour of Europe. This was my itinerary: 29 May – Home (near Reading) to Cologne by train via London and Brussels 30 May – Cologne-Sarajevo on German Wings, 3 nights in Sarajevo 2 June – Train from Sarajevo to Zagreb 3 June – Overnight train from Zagreb to Munich 4 June - Morning train from Munich to Nuremberg, 3 nights in Nuremberg 7 June – Train to Ulm, 2 nights in Ulm 8 June – daytrip to Friedrichshafen 9 June – train from Ulm to home. I plan to use this thread for my train pictures and to inflict the rest of
  3. Photos taken over the past couple of weeks, a rather multi-national selection PW crew at Brussels Midi Shunters Zagreb Wheeltapper Zagreb Coupling up Volinja Station master somewhere in Bosnia War memorial for railway staff, somewhere in Bosnia
  4. No worries. It wouldn't have been my first unintelligible post
  5. I very much enjoyed the show - great mix of layouts, all of which were worth going to see. The catering was a bit of an issue - lack of seating and cake but it wasn't too bad and I presume it is out of the club's control. I did think there were fewer layouts than last year, which was a disappointment, but I suspect that was the result of having a number of big uns. Trade wise, I would not like to see the current traders sacrificed for box shifters - though I think having a box shifter there is a good thing.
  6. I've been eagerly awaiting the Austrian pics. And they were well worth waiting for.
  7. I've had no problems with scenic materials (in the hold) or rolling stock (in hand luggage, I put it in a tray on it's own for security where it rather alarmed the x-ray checker but otherwise attracted no comment). I would think that tools would be fine in the hold.
  8. How close is the statue going to be to platform 9 3/4s? It'll probably end up wearing a Gryffindor scarf which might otherwise have gone on the duck.
  9. That's a really nice looking layout. I love your loco shed
  10. Even if the layout doesn't appear in a magazine there would appear to be a considerable audience for an article about its legs
  11. It looks like an enraged duck
  12. I fear your hearing has taken a turn for the worse cos you ignored us shouting at you. Unfortunately we couldn't go after you cos we were waiting to meet another RMwebber. Mind you, the acoustics weren't very helpful so it might not be just your hearing Pictures, not very good i'm afraid. Wellmich am Rhein Mer Les Bains [/url] Sandford& Bandwell Waterloo Street Billton goods Empire Mills Untermutten
  13. I live outside London and have an Oyster card. But it's cheaper to buy a one day travelcard which is a return to London plus all zones travelcard. Also saves making sure you touch in and out. Anyway, the show... I though there were some nice layouts there, several very good indeed, and lots I hadn't seen before. I do have some pics but i'm not sure how good they are. Come to think of it i'm not entirely sure which layouts some of them are of. Oh well i'd best start work on them. I think the catering could be improved. The variety is excellent but it's overpriced, not very good quality
  14. I really enjoyed the Nepal episode but I was very sad at the way that such a vital transport link had been able to get into such a mess - I hope the new broad gauge railway brings prosperity to the area
  15. A very nice collection indeed
  16. I thought it was a great programme, with lots of insight into the people and the railway
  17. What about how/when/where people purchase stuff for their layout? Perhaps including a question about how keen people are on buying directly from the manufacturer. Also maybe why do people model railways and what are their favourite/least favourite aspects of modelling. How much space do people have available/how big are people's layouts.
  18. Happy birthday RM Web. Congrats,w ell done and thanks Andy
  19. Can I get bonus points for building a loco works themed module?
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