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  1. A little running video on the layout. Have just installed some ABC braking boards and set up a little shuttle with the Ruston allowing it to run back and forth on its own from one fiddle yard to the other.
  2. Well got a bit distracted from the layout again! Been working hard on scratch building some wagons for the layout. I designed these wagons in tinkercad and printed with elegoo mars printer, they are made of two main parts (chassis and body work ) and work out considerably cheaper than rtr wagons!
  3. Work and endless jobs has led to little progress on the layout. I did manage to knock up a couple of lights for the the platform half, copper tube, nano LED and 3d printed shade (in the process of tidying and hiding the enamel wire). Also a bit more progress on the pub
  4. Thank you. They certainly were fiddly! Easily my favourite Hornby loco ever
  5. Adding directional head lamps to the tiny Ruston. Im not big on soldering or decoders so this really was a challenge. Very happy its all worked and not blown anything up! Adds a little bit more character to this lovely little machine
  6. A little update on the layout. I finished a little bit of scenery at the bridge end (something that Ive been meaning to do since the first lockdown!). I've got a bit obsessed with lighting. and ordered a roll of red and blue LEDs from ebay. Linking each strip to separate potentiometers I hope to be able to replicate dawn and dusk lighting effects. So far I've got the whites and blues wired up, and seems quite promising after a first play around.
  7. Beautifully done. Fantastic modelling.
  8. Thank you. Im a very budget modeller so just make the most of what I have
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