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  1. It has crossed my mind the oil terminal might make a interesting micro layout.
  2. Not had much of chance to do much work on the layout this week. Family life and work has put pay to that! Have managed to design and print some lamps for the halt. Based on the Southern Region style concrete ones (just because I like them!) However I designed some plain shades instead of the fancy hexagonal ones! Just need painting up and LEDs adding (these were super fiddly to solder!) Ive included the STL file if anyone wants to print their own (non commercially please) 585699527_stationlamps(3).stl
  3. Thank you very much for the kind words. Much appreciated! I will get some more pictures up soon!
  4. Hi Paul, thank you for the kind words. Ha ha, yes Scothern missed out on a railway by a couple of miles and a canal by a lot of miles! Thanks for the compliments again
  5. A little shot of the working narrow boat I designed and printed for the canal section of the layout. I've included the printable file if anyone would like to reproduce it (non commercially of course ) 985397436_BARGE(3).stl
  6. No worries you are welcome, will try and do a step by step when I next paint something.
  7. Thanks for the kind words Karl. I do pretty much all my weathering with an airbrush and enamel washes. I follow the same process with nearly all the things I paint. Normally primed white with tamiya fine primer. Pre shaded with a matt black around all areas there would be naturally shadows. If for example, I want to paint something red i would start with a dark red as an overall base coat blending it into the pre shaded shadow areas, then follow with a lighter version of the base coat to add a mid tone to certain areas finally followed by a even lighter shade in area
  8. Thank you. The 3d figures are just lucky discoveries on thingiverse and mymini factory. I will try and find some links and post them up!
  9. Weathering and DCC installation on my Ruston 48, really do love this loco With the addition of a Lais DCC Stay alive (tucked in the cab) she runs like a dream. On speed step one will take 10 minutes to travel 7 feet!!
  10. Thank you very much for the kind words. I have tried hard to keep it quite minimal for about 3/4 of the rural section and reasonably hemmed in for the more industrial area at the other end of the layout.
  11. Thank you for the kind words. I've learning lots so far, and made plenty of mistakes along the way
  12. An overall shot of the layout in its current state. Excuse the background clutter! Just added LED lighting to brighten things up for the grand total of £4, in the form of 12v self adhesive LED strips from Ebay
  13. Thank you. 3D Printing is great, but it is defiantly can be more fun /challenging making things out of styrene, card, etc
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