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  1. Heljan have got the liveries wrong on so many of their class 33. The Dutch livery seems to be different on each 33 model they do. Some of the models in RfC and Engineering Grey are wrong. If they are going to get a livery colour wrong, at least they could make it consistent across the range so that you don't get double headed trains with locos in the same livery, but different colours.
  2. Did Heljan have a bit of a laugh at the modeller with the class 33. Did they try to get each model livery wrong in some way. After my issue with different versions of the Dutch livery, I have added 33116 in Grey and 33033 in RfC to my fleet. The grey on 33116 looks far to dark. The upper grey band on 33033 looks also far too dark. Looking at pictures of other Rf liveried 33's, the upper grey band looks lighter on most of them, but knowing Heljan, the are all probably different shades
  3. I will tell you in a couple of days. If this was a model costing a couple of quid, I wouldn't mind. But I will have given Heljan suppliers the not inconsiderable sum of £250 for these locos. All the pictures I have of these magnificent machines from the 90's show that they all seem to be in the same livery. The wrong livery stands out like a sore thumb with these locos. There should be a look of uniformity about them, which is completely ruined by them been different colours. When people complain that the roof detail isn't quite right, the fuel tank is wrong, the grills are too big, these are things that you need to examine the loco closely for, but the wrong livery is very visible from across a layout. For the money, I do not expect that every time I see the 2 locos working together to feel a pang of disappointment that it doesn't look right. I have neither the time, the expertise or the willingness to possibly ruin an expensive purchase to rectify what is a basic error. I am sorry if this is a bit harsh, but isn't a realistic layout what most of us strive for. The model was ordered with other items, so the seller hasn't lost out on sending the item. As there is nothing else wrong with the model, I expect to see it for sale as new soon after it is returned. Thanks for the info. It looks like a double headed Dutch combo might be out of the question for now
  4. Of all the issues raised with the model, I would have thought that inconsistent liveries should not be one of them. I have just got 3439 33009 in Dutch to go with my 3452 33026 Seafire model, and the yellow band is a different shade (it is not as obvious in the attached picture as it is in real life) I know that all manufactures seem to struggle with what colours were used on the Dutch livery, I have a Dapol 73, the Heljan 33, some Hornby and Lima Seacows, Hornby Rudd and Dapol Turbots and Grampus, and they all have different shades of grey and yellow on them. But the same loco from the same manufacture having different paint colours is poor in my book. 33009 will have to be returned, but does anybody know if 3433 33002 or 3436 33047 has the same shade of yellow as the 33026 model.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, but unfortunately they don't have one.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation, but unfortunately they don't have one.
  7. I am looking for the following item. Bachmann 44-083 Carriage Shed. If anybody has one in a good condition for sale, or knows where I can purchase this item I would be very grateful. Thanks
  8. I am looking for the following item. Bachmann 44-064Z Kent Coast Signal Box If anybody has one in a good condition for sale, or knows where I can purchase this item I would be very grateful. Thanks
  9. Sadly, after trying both suggestions, it still hums. I will just get in the habit of wearing my tin hat and turning the sound to mute whenever I browse RMWeb.
  10. My paranoia has now been increased. I have just put another layer of tinfoil on my hat. I have logged in on my HTC Android phone and as soon as I log in it puts my phone into Music mode.
  11. Yes, one other forum that I very rarely use now uses Invision, and it does exactly the same thing. Most odd Why would anybody want a shed or fred cluttering up their layout
  12. Can anybody shed any light onto why my monitor, a Dell U3419W, emits a low humming static noise when I view this website. It is really odd that the humming starts as soon as I open up the site. The humming also continues if I open another tab on my browser or another window, but as soon as I close the RMweb tab, it stops. It also stops when I click a link on the site whilst the page changes, but as soon as the page is displayed, it starts again. It also stops if I log out It happens if I use Firefox or Edge on Windows, using both of my Windows computers when connected to the monitor, using any of the connections, HDMI, DP or USB C connection. It doesn't happen when I use the laptop screen or another monitor. It doesn't happen if I use a Mac connected to the Dell monitor. The volume setting makes no difference to the volume of the hum, it only stops if you select mute. Changing the brightness, contrast, screen refresh rate or display size makes no difference. Any other ideas that I could try.
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