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  1. Yes, that's correct. It's not a major issue for us and is a worthwhile sacrifice I think.
  2. We have deliberated, cogitated and digested, and I think I've found a layout that suits our needs pretty well. Hopefully it strikes a good balance between having plenty of interest to the driver/signalman without cramming so much in that there is no room for scenery or industry. I've made the points off the loops trailing and will use the loop as the headshunt. I'm still undecided about stations; there could be a double sided platform inside the blue loop although it would be obscured by the double girder bridge, and I could also space the fan of sidings differently to
  3. Wise words Chris. I'm going to take a step back for a day or two and figure out what we really want from the layout. As you suggest, it is easy to get mired in the possibilities and forget that often less is more. Thanks again particularly to you and Keith for your advice; I've learnt a lot over the last two pages and whatever we end up with your help will have been invaluable. I'll report back soon.
  4. Epoxy would work but you'd probably need to drill a pilot hole into it otherwise it could split. If the item is big enough you could retap the resin, insert a helicoil and screw into that.
  5. You are spot on with regards the joins Keith. There are 5 sections, all of different sizes. They can be seen more clearly on the pic below which was taken before I painted. The white patches that follow the joins are two-part filler that was used to get the levels spot on before the track was laid. The baseboards are joined with DCC Concepts baseboard dowels (3 per join) and the track is soldered onto brass screws although the bridges will be 'dropped in', as will one piece of track due to the angle across the join. So far so good.
  6. Thanks again Chris - certainly food for thought. I had envisaged the turntable in area B as that will be mountains and I thought it would be fun to have some sheds built into the mountainside. It would also allow two tracks to use the turntable although I don't know if that would be of much benefit. Using area C for sidings would help with the access but I see the issue would be where to put the headshunt. I could swap the point on the green loop that feeds the two southern sidings around (see pic) but that would presumably affect the mainline direction? It would also r
  7. Thanks again Chris. I have loosely laid some track and the turntable in the sort of configurations I had in mind, but as you will have gathered I am not well versed in the usability of various track configurations. I will definitely be taking the advice offered and wiring the tracks in different directions. The droppers are in place but I can use some tape to change the colours as necessary.
  8. I hadn't fully appreciated that the original design had avoided 'wrong-line' running in this way - thank you for the explanantion and drawings. It's a shame that area A is quite small compared to B/C but there we are.
  9. Thanks everybody for your inputs - very useful. Ah. I hadn't appreciated this and have installed the droppers assuming both mainlines would run in the same direction. I have updated the paper plan to show how I've installed them (the red wire is on the right hand rail and the black is on the left hand rail when facing in the direction of the arrows). I had the swap in polarity being provided by cuts in the orange tracks as shown. I can probably live with half the black droppers being +'ve but it's not ideal is it! Wow, that's amazing, thank you! I've
  10. The gradients are ok. I've tested the track as it is and all our stock runs without difficulty. When you say a standard crossover do you mean a much shorter one? It would have been simpler I suppose but I think the longer meandering ones add a bit of interest, including a nice raised section that goes over a long bridge. The scarm pic attached shows the layout in relief (obviously mine is a bit longer due to the additional leg but you get the idea).
  11. Good idea, thanks Keith. On the wiring I am not on top of it by any means! Are you sure I'd need reverse loop wiring though - both mainlines run continuously (they are effectively figure 8's)?
  12. Hello to all. I’m looking for some advice regarding the OO gauge layout I’m currently building. I am aware that the style will not be to everybody’s taste and has little of the ‘real world’ about it, but the main user is 8 years old and, after long discussions and debate we have decided that this is well suited to his requirements. Keen-eyed readers will note a striking similarity between the layout and the famed Granite, Gorge & Northern created by John Armstrong for Atlas. I have added a ‘leg’ to make it ‘L’ shaped, included a passing loop for both mainlines and r
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