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  1. Hello, thanks again for the suggestions - short update. - trying an Elite controller didn't make any difference - re-programming address from the Elite didn't make any difference - resetting the supplied decoder to default settings didn't make any difference - replacing the supplied decoder with the recommended Zimo decoder - worked - \o/ So not ideal that I have had to replace the existing controller, and doubly not ideal that the Rails decoder I bought didn't work, but great that it is working as it should, and I can now sell it as a worki
  2. Thanks all for the suggestions, and the explanations. It's useful to know why removing the suppression components was suggested, but I think it's my last port of call. I'm ultimately looking to ensure this model is working correctly prior to selling it, and if I can't get it to work with DCC, then I will need the caps/inductors if it is to be any use as a DC only model. I have the received the Zimo decoder that I ordered off the back of @Kaput's advice, and will try resetting the existing decoder, as well as digging out my Elite controller. I have some time today to try this. I'll
  3. Hello, thought this code sounded familiar! I have a set of 3 for sale on eBay at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNIB-Bachmann-37-225X-Set-3-16t-mineral-wagons-BR-grey-Weathered-/233954392673 Regards Craig
  4. Hi all, thanks for the suggestions so far. My main question is why it should be necessary to remove the suppression components? The loco was supplied as DCC fitted by Bachmann, and hence I would expect it to work as intended. If it had been converted to DCC by somebody who didn't quite get it correct, then this may be necessary, but that is not the case. Please can somebody explain the reasoning behind this, and why it might help? Thanks Craig
  5. Hello, The loco is a Bachmann Windhoff MPV, 32-576DC. I presume the controller is the one supplied by Bachmann, but I don't know for certain. Pictures below incase it looks familiar to anybody. The other controller I tried was a Rails Connect decoder, again, pic below. Cheers Craig
  6. I have not tried that, but the new decoder would presumably come with default settings? I'll give it a go though. The other thought I had since writing the post was that the original decoder might be programmed with a 4 digit code. I don't think the Select controller correctly re-writes these as it doesn't support 4 digit codes, but again, that wouldn't apply to the new decoder. Cheers
  7. Hello, I have a loco that came DCC fitted which refuses to run under DCC. If I remove the 21-pin decoder and fit a blanking plate, it runs correctly on DC. I have bought a new decoder and tried that, same behaviour, so the obvious answer of a faulty decoder appears not to be the case. The controller (Hornby Select) runs other DCC locos with no issues. All wires within the loco appear to be connected, and have not come loose. I have tried re-programming the loco address back to 3. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be much appreciated. I'm a bit stuck.
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