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  1. I only found this thread yesterday - lovely work. I'll be following with interest and picking up lots of tips I'm sure!
  2. For reasons best known to themselves, the powers that be at Chuffnell Regis hired local chancers Bodgeit and Scarper to do the permanent way work. Probably the lowest bidder, or perhaps some brown envelopes changed hands - who knows. Anyway, it seems that, against the odds, the rascals managed to do some reasonable work yesterday. They nailed down most of the track in the goods yard, and two of the roads running alongside the platform, as well as the first point of the run-round loop. And it all seems ok from the bird's eye view. Today they will have their work cut out, as they will need
  3. I think we have to ask ourselves, dorset really matter?
  4. Love the back story. Ref the position of the figures. I think there's too much of a straight line from the gate, to Mr and Mrs Brown, to the tractor.
  5. Thanks for the link John - I think I might well spend a few hours there!
  6. I was wondering how you managed to print it in different colours...
  7. And now, slowly starting to look vaguely like a railway.
  8. The AA and RAC used to have call boxes too. Incredible what you can find on the interwebs. Need a list of AA roadside call boxes? Here you go.
  9. Two of the three sidings have now been laid, complete with fiddly little bullhead fishplates. It feels as if I'm making some progress now.
  10. I really like how this is developing George. More please!
  11. That doesn't look as if you're struggling!
  12. I got another Red Cross parcel from the UK this afternoon, so had some new toys to play with. The points I was waiting for have arrived, so now I can figure out how to lay the track feeding the run-round loops at the end of the platform. And I also got some hen's teeth Peco bullhead rail joiners! I can't use them to join flexitrack to the points, as they aren't bullhead, so the fishplates will be mostly cosmetic. I'm putting them onto the runs of track at scale 60 ft intervals. Rather than cutting all my track into tiny bits, which seemed a bit daft, I've snipped the sleeper web where the
  13. Looks better against the fence, in my humble opinion.
  14. That's useful to know, thanks.
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