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  1. And a little bit of playing to end the day.
  2. I found the best way to handle it was to treat it like a production line. Cut all the gates, clean up as required with a needle file, group into pairs. Repeat for the hinges. Glue together. Have a cup of tea (very important step this one!) Repeat ad nauseam...
  3. As I said, I thought to myself - it's a simple plastic kit; piece of cake!!!
  4. I just filed each corner of the pegs, it didn't actually take very long. Just wait until you get to fitting the gates though! I'm just taking a short break after cutting out four hinges for each gate; my dock has eight gates...
  5. Not as square as it looks Rob! And has taken much longer to build than I expected, but there's no big rush.
  6. Thanks Al. I've used tamiya light grey so far, with weathering to follow. A green wash sounds good, I'll let some of it get onto the tiling as well I think.
  7. Today I have mostly been fiddling around with small pieces of [email protected]@rd wire... So it's all in place now. Not perfectly square (far from it in places) but there's a limit to my sanity! And I'm sure the soon to come lick of paint will hide a multitude of sins. Let's hope so anyway. Ratio suggest drilling .5mm holes for the wire where required, but I found that opening those out to .6mm made life a bit easier. Next step is to paint and weather all the railings, then add the gates and troughs. After that I'm looking forward to fitting this in position and starting to build some scenery around it!
  8. I think in some ways we're our own worst enemies when we take close up pics of our work. Yes it's good for highlighting errors on the one hand, but there's also a danger of demoralising yourself. The crucial phrase you used is normal viewing distance, I'd say.
  9. When I started work on the cattle dock I thought to myself, this is a plastic kit, it'll be a doddle. I'll have this done in next to no time and then I can start doing the scenery in that corner. Hmm. Best laid plans and all that. I've now got the easier parts of the railings fitted, and the sleeper-built buffer stop. Next will be to cut and add all the short pieces of railing, and then paint it all. And there's still the gates, and troughs, and so on. I'm wondering what colour to paint the concrete posts and the rails...
  10. https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx093-oo-laser-engraved-signal-box-nameplates-oo4mm176-1081-p.asp Here's another one.
  11. Thanks for that. Lead-based paint it is then!
  12. That looks great already. I need to crack on with mine, but work is going to intrude over the next couple of days at least.
  13. I forgot to mention the less well known, and thankfully short-lived, "Ford Readers' Wives".
  14. Thank you, that's useful to know. One less layer of weathering needed too.
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