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  1. The latter, I'd have thought (not positive mind you!)
  2. I'm not sure where to put the coal office on the layout, and would really like some opinions please! I'm planning to have the weighbridge on the approach road to the goods yard, as you can see (except that I'll set it into the bank!) But would the coal office look better next to the weighbridge, or in the goods yard itself next to the coal staithes? The latter would seem to make (a bit) more sense, but having the two offices next to each other would free up more space in the yard. I hate having to make decisions
  3. That's true, but I'm still not sure if my version doesn't look a bit odd...
  4. That looks very smart; and makes me wonder if I've hung the gutters a bit low on mine ...
  5. I'll have to resort to Spanglish from here on though I'm afraid!
  6. I think it's almost done now. A little bit of filler is needed here and there, and of course paint. The kit builds up into a pleasantly solid little structure. Please let me know if you can see any howlers that I've missed!
  7. Not sure I have the mental stamina for that!
  8. Looking at the photo, I think I will add a window sill as well.
  9. Thanks Al. They're from Railmodel, and do look good once you get the spacing right. I remember reading an article by Allan Downes when I was a kid, where he applied individual tiles, from computer punched cards if I remember rightly.
  10. Great work. I particularly like the stonework on the semis.
  11. Here's the latest state of play with the weighbridge office. I haven't exactly decided where I'm going to put it yet, but in any case I need to finish building the thing first! I wasn't happy with my first attempt at the roof tiles, so I ripped them off and had another go. I still need to add flashing around the chimney, gutters and downpipes, and a doorknob. And perhaps a dab of paint here and there...
  12. And not an item used in the construction of my cattle dock, even though I have one. Which is sadly evident if you look at my fence posts!
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