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  1. Hi Shaun. I'm in the throes of starting a layout of the railway that never was - the Garve and Ullapool - which would have left the line from Dingwall to Kyle of Lochalsh at Garve. After posting the initial track plan I had a reply saying that I should turn Garve into a version of Georgemas with trains from Dingwall being split for Kyle and Ullapool. This piqued my interest and I was delighted to find an N scale version on RMWeb. The plan was duly amended to include it Love it so far. I'll be a happy little modeller if my own efforts meet yours Best wishes
  2. Hi Again All Well, life has intervened in postings recently, but that’s not a bad thing. Having given Garve and Ullapool its first public airing it’s been good to just leave it and have a think about the design for a bit. Which made me realise that it still needs some work. The problem I could see was with Braemore. It was just too simple from an operational point of view. It might be when the layout is up and running that I invite a couple of like-minded friends over for operating sessions, so I’d want to make sure that there was plenty for them to do. Garve would have trains
  3. Hi, and thanks for the info. That's a lovely little signal cabin and a 2mm version would fit in perfectly. I'll be keeping an eye out for it. Popup do some excellent Scottish railway structures. (I think my main problem with buildings is going to be the 9' of low-relief seafront cottages at Ullapool, but that'll be something to complete over a fairly long timescale). Back to the matter of the layout at Garve, I've decided to leave it as is. As Garve is one of the passing stations on the line I did consider putting in a bay platform line at the Kyle end of the Up platfo
  4. Hi again All. I must start by saying Thank You for all the positive comments and encouragement. Apologies for taking a bit of time to reply to them all. Following all of that I have taken some things on board and made a couple of changes to the layout design – As you can see, Braemore has moved to the other end of its scenic section and is now on a straight section of baseboard. I kept a small curve in the platform because I like curved platforms. The MPD at Ullapool has been re-designed to a much more Kyle style, so that the facilities can still be used if
  5. Hi All. If you’re the type of person to look at a thread about Scottish N Gauge in the 1960s and think “Oh no, not another one” then click on your back button now. Still here? OK. My name’s Oliver (Ollie) and this is my first foray into RMWeb, after some time of being a reader. I started modelling in the 70s with a Hornby set (a Hymek and 2 container wagons, complete with gantry crane), which was followed by a class 37(still one of my favourite locos) and some coaches, so my start to modelling was definitely BR Blue. Then Hornby brought out its range of Rin
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