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  1. hello.... I love to see layuots at night with lighting fixturs and this is very pleasing to lok at..... Regards dave
  2. hello... very nice layout I would love to see if you've done Evercreech Junction too... Regards dave
  3. hello.... it has been a while since I have watched Ivor but I am very happy to hear of this project..,,. Regards dave
  4. hello..... This layout loks very nice.... hope to see more of it in the futuer....... Regards dave
  5. I remember when I first watched this film when i was a boy..... if I remember right they filmed the ending scene at newton abbot.... Regards dave
  6. hello... I recently found out that they had a few austeryties in greece and was wonderin g if any of them are still in service.... Regards dave
  7. Very impressive... I saw this film with my father when it first came out in 1951... Regards dave
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