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  1. He says and then gets the BR maroon one on ebay for £50 the next day. Still want to try and get 39-777 in BR blue / grey at some point to cover off both eras.
  2. I hope Bachmann do another run of these as they are difficult to obtain. Even if they sell them high e.g. £70-80 it's a full train for that basically and is a good quality model from the looks of it.
  3. E100

    Hornby APT 2020

    Yeah very much got the impression they were close with the Chester set being air freight and the others following by sea. A quirk of the Hornby website is that when on the thumbnail view it states Winter 21/22 but when you click through to the product page it's expected winter 2022 (to my mind that reads the end of next year though I'm sure it's as stated above!)
  4. I feel like for whatever reason Rails have prioritised 18000 and the Improved Precedent to the 812 in most of their marketing (inc. emails). To me this says one of two contradictory things 1. It's selling so well that they just haven't really needed to push it at all. 2. It's still some time off with the others expected to arrive beforehand hence the push on those.
  5. I would certainly look to retro fit a lot of Bachmann mk1/2's!
  6. They look superb. Glad to see Accurascale is well on the way to challenging the larger manufactures with a range that's ever expanding. Really quite reasonable pricing too considering the features on offer. I love the DCC ready lighting with a simple wand solution. At the very least it should help to drive the other manufactures to do ever better. That being said I for one am thankful that as a North Scottish modeler I don't need to get the wallet out for these. No doubt though this is only a taste of things to come over the next few years so will get budgeting for 2023/4.
  7. @John ks if you see the quotes I raised the same query and got the pragmatic response from @Accurascale Fran
  8. If it's any help my 92038 forgot to get detached so is off to Fort William
  9. These are looking absolutely fantastic and will be worth the wait. Literally the only areas are cab side glazing and roundels that I can see that could be a bit finer but you are already on with this. The bufferbeam looks fantastically busy even with the tension lock in place which is to be commended. The teal looks spot on to my eyes. As long as it matches the mark 5's and hopefully 73's, I'll be happy It's a model you should all be very proud of. Shame about the dates but appreciate the openness. I was a little confused with the comment that they are into production in the coming weeks but taking 12 months to arrive. Assume there is likely a large shipping element and some contingency in this as well as the factory issues with longer build times and general manufacturing industry woes you mentioned. I also don't doubt this hurts you more than us consumers as it's clear you and the whole team live and breath the hobby.
  10. I was probably more going off comments above around 90% Code 100 / 10% Code 75 and whether Peco could support 2 Code 75 ranges. Realistically I guess that even that 10% Code 75 may well be as much as they make in some of the other gauges e.g. O gauge / OO9 etc anyway, so even with Code 75 FB being a small slice it's compared to a big cake if that makes sense. It's a really good point about the narrow track looking more proportional with code 75.
  11. I think the range will take off considerably when they have a range to speak of (note I'm not stating they haven't had good reason for delays / other priorities). The current streamline and simple right and left are just that little bit too limiting for anyone to go all in with all but the simplest of layouts without resorting to track building which many find daunting or just not their thing. I think once they have their slips and diamond crossings along with maybe a couple of other points sizes and even a curved example then they will be good as sorted for the majority. It'll be a couple of years at least but the future is looking promising IMO. Out of interest outside of the UK is there much use of Peco code 75. I know code 83 is preferred in the US. I just wonder if Peco may simplify by phasing out wooden HO code 75 in favour of bullhead as the demand may no longer be there. I can't see many UK modellers going for it once bullhead is in with code 100 arguably closer to realistic height for modern image.
  12. E100

    Hornby APT 2020

    If demand is strong then they will undoubtably do another run. It's simple business really. It could well be a few years to allow for demand to increase more as like with the Rapido APT-E, especially if the model is well received but many on the fence were unable to get one after reviews had come in.
  13. The fan module approach I think is the way to go. It's a massive bonus if this comes to fruition.
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