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  1. A few more photos of Cobbydale Quay. The P class is waiting to depart with the evening workers train, while the Barclay pauses in its shunting activities.
  2. My home based N gauge layout. The location is entirely fictional, although the station track layout is loosely based upon Barnoldswick. I tend to run it mainly as a preserved line, although pick up goods trains do make an appearance. Still bits and bats to work on though, when the mood strikes.
  3. West End models is still in Colne....or was pre-covid
  4. Evening all, First time posting a layout on here..... Cobbydale Quay is my first attempt at a 00 for a good while...... Designed as a small industrial shunting layout with a trackplan based on Canute Road Quay. Still some work to be done but quite liking the atmosphere of the layout already.....
  5. How about some N gauge examples.... I have: 1x in the style of Andrew Barclay w/n2212 of 1946, in reality it ran with a different running number, as it was in industry, Hunslet built Brussels as converted to oil firing The maroon one is in the style of HE3794 of 1953, 'Cumbria' in its current condition, Finally I have RSH7086 'Norman' of 1943 in the condition she ran in prior to its current overhaul.... All bar Brussels are my own work. Brussels was a conversion done by a friend for his own layout, he also did the transfers and finish
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