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  1. We are modelling pretty much the same period Vikingsmb except mine is London Midland Region. My original concept was 'circa 1970' but it's crept forward a few years due largely to what locos and rolling stock are currently available. I like the variegated nature of the period with its mixture of b/g and maroon coaches and both blue and green locomotives. Moving earlier also allows a bit of steam, so it's all good!
  2. Many thanks to everybody who's replied to this with some very useful information. This is my first time on here and and I am mightily impressed with how helpful people are!
  3. As a newbie constructing a pre-TOPS layout, I imagined that blue and grey coaching stock - either Mk 1 or early Mk 2 would be readily available: it seems I was mistaken :/ . Any ideas how a decent rake could be achieved (do kits exist?). Or do I need to buy maroon and re-paint them myself?
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