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  1. I would just like to add a few words as a tribute to my long time friend Bruce Murray. He was far too young for us to be loosing him. I first met Bruce in the mid 70's at the Edinburgh and Lothians MRC and we formed a life long friendship. I drifted away from model railways in the early 1980's when work and family commitments took hold, but we always kept in touch; (I also I have many happy memories of everyone at the E & L MRC. I learned a great deal there about life, acquiring plenty of practical skills and making friendships. I hope the club find some new club rooms when things get back to normal). I found Bruce a very interesting person, with a broad knowledge of the world, with plenty of opinions, great practical skills and a wonderful dry sense of humour. We had many holidays together in the late 70s and 80s with different groups of friends, and these holidays included skiing, a never to be forgotten train venture to Italy, canal holidays and railway visits. I last met Bruce in January 2019 when Burntisland was on display at Alexandra Palace, indeed a few of the old E & L stalwarts met up there that day. Burntisland is a tremendously impressive layout (which I hope to see again some time) and I am sure that Bruce made a significant contribution to its development. I certainly had the full run down one evening from Bruce over a beer and curry on the best way to pack the van with his CAD drawings! I know that Bruce and Bethan made a tremendous couple and he will be much missed by Bethan and the extended family. We will all have our memories. Malcolm Crawford March 2021
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