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  1. Paul I am pondering glues at this very moment - I am going for cork roll which rails of Sheffield got for me but I am stil unsure what to fix the track down with, which will be a mix of Peco and soldered up points on fibreglass sleepers. Clearly there are trades on flexibility while drying, security and the potential to lift track later on if needed. I don't think the prefect glue exists so I am heading towards pins as well where needed. This is complicated by my decision to use Peco code 75 bullhead track in the station - it is remarkably floppy which at least means it won't pull on the glue but I worry about any glue that sets to quickly before I get chance to do fine adjustments. It almost needs card templates cutting out to hold it to shape when laying. I would much appreciate any views on this - the reverse of your own problem! regards Andy
  2. Finally finished the goods shed - next comes the carriage shed!
  3. Paul, what sort of glue did you use? It does look very much like the glue pulling away from the foam? Glueing to man made materials is always a bit tricksy in my experience. hope the back recovers soon. Andy
  4. There was also a coal merchant to the south of the goods shed with coal staithes but I suppose this would have been heating fuel and not for the gas works. In addition there is some uncertainity on the length and end termination of the siding with the goods platform - it seems to have been extended in a gentle curve around the back of the goods shed in some views and there is something at the far end of the goods platform in the 1940 aerial photo that I cannot make out. Perhaps this was where coal handling happened? If the track extended beyond the goods platform then direct handling into lorries would then have been possible I guess. Do you know of any photos of similar facilities at other GWR stations? Andy
  5. While making this building I have of course been thinking of goods shed a lot. One think that strikes me is how gloomy they must have been. With a line of wagons obscuring the round toped windows and the canopy over the road door (still to be fitted on my model) there must have been precious little natural light. It seems odd that they did not fit skylights but I have never seen a photo of a GWR branch / small station shed with them. I suppose they would have had gas lamps and I intend to fit LEDs but would these have needed to be on all day long - seems very wasteful. Perhaps this explains wht in later years the road side canopy was removed.
  6. Glazed and main roof timbers in place. Nearly finished.
  7. I like this a lot, though I plan the earlier shunt signal with the large white S. In your signal do the lamps work as well - one thing I like about the Dapol signals are the tiny LED signal lamps. Andy
  8. Mike just the station side of the bridge was a tall pole with a red home signal above an S shunt signal. later the shunt became white with a border. The twin arm Dapols have the ahead on the pole and the second on a bracket as I guess they assume a point - there where two of that pattern as well, one by the point to the loco shed and one on the far side of the bridge for stuff coming in. See http://www.helstonhistory.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/helstonrailway1965i.jpg regards Andy
  9. I would value some input if anyone can help - in the photos above of my goods shed model the "reveal" behind the various doors is brickwork but would it have been left as bare brick or painted to match the interior - I guess I mean where does the black and white internal wall paint stop? I have seen some photos that suggest the reveal was painted and others not, see for example https://www.flickr.com/photos/yeahwotever/23750844735/ which suggests bare brick. Andy
  10. Tony I have been wondering about the shunt signal that sat below the home as well. I am wondering if I could butcher a Dapol double home into a home plus shunt but it would mean taking the arm off and moving the gubbins onto the main post! I am sure the Stationmaster would frown if the sunt was left on a bracket sticking out and not on the pole itself! Andy
  11. Goods shed now painted. On to fittings the windows and roof.
  12. Searching around for pictures I found this one of marazion: http://www.urban75.org/railway/marazion.html It too lacks the pots. I also notice when I look more closely at St Ives the three main stacks actually all differ. One has three pots, the middle one has two and the other end has just one toblerone on its side style (as per the loco shed at helston). I suppose it must very much have been a see what works kind of a thing - I recall my own parents trying various pots and cowls when I was a boy to get one to work well. I suppose just because many things GWR were standardized one must not assume everything was. The trouble with chimney pots and model railways is they are so very much visible to the viewer in a way they aren't in real life.
  13. I have started to plan the station building and I have found a puzzle. In every photo I look at there are no chimney pots on the station! The very similar St Ives building clearly does have quite prominent pots, three on each main stack and one on the end stack. Can anyone shed any light on this mystery.
  14. John, I saw this in GW Way but equally there a good few photos showing interior goods shed cranes in white with black metalwork. I wonder if the book really just means external yard cranes? Along these sort of lines: https://yourmodelrailway.net/view_topic.php?id=663&forum_id=14 and http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=3043812 For the moment I am going black and white which seems more in tune with GWR shed interiors but am aware the links above are not to GWR sheds? Also I have to confess my crane (as per my thread) is really a very approximate representation! regards Andy ps - have now found a picture in "GWR Branch Line Modelling" by S williams that supports the grey colour all over but it appears to be quite a dark colour, though it is a B&W photo - ho hum.
  15. Spent a happy afternoon knocking together a rough model of the crane for the goods shed. Not great but it will be mostly hidden and an empty shed would be odd. Need to set it upright before final asembly so that it correctly locates in the shed roof beams. I have now repainted the crane in mid grey since thats what the Great Western Way book says and the pictures I can find show that sort of think though they are in black and white so most everything is actually shown mid-grey!
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