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    Have returned to model railways as an old bloke after sharing my younger brother's train set as a kid, then work getting in the way for so many years! Interests now include control electronics (esp. DCC-ex), programming microcontrollers and more recently 3-D printing. I love the smell of melting plastic ha ha!

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  1. @96701... Your question was not asked of me, so apologies for jumping in here - but, to my very untrained eye the roofline of the KR Models Fell looks a little too high. ie. the distance between the very top of the centre windscreen and the very top (apex) of the curved roof? What do you think? If this is the case, I will still be happy with the KRM 10100 as I do not have the time nor skill to make a half decent model, however I can see how that could put some people off spending their cash.
  2. Interesting! So the 245 is essentially a 4 engined (Caterpillar units?) diesel electric with some on-demand control system to start/stop the units? I also read that one of the power units could be replaced by battery storage? (A very large number of 18650's ?). I think the gearbox/hydraulic transmission design used in the Fell is what makes it truly unique. On the down-side the transmission also made the loco very complicated.
  3. Indeed! Also, one of them should be frantically searching for a bolt that somehow fell out of his overalls pocket while he was doing some servicing work on the gearbox. I wonder where that went? (He mutters)
  4. Yes, I feel the same about the early prototype locos, but my favourite must be the Fell...The moment I clapped eyes on pictures of this wonderful machine, I wondered who on earth could design a locomotive that even looks that different! For me, its beauty was its odd quirkiness, curved roof/window line of the main body juxtaposed with the box like ends of this machine. Its appearance fascinated me, and then to learn about its 6 diesel engines (4 main) plus differential gearing/hydraulic drive arrangement led me to want to know more about its inventor, Lt. Col Fell, his engineering background, involvement with Paxman etc. For me, researching the history and the people behind these prototypes brings another aspect to this great hobby of ours. Yes, I am really looking forward to running my model when she arrives. (My earlier comment about her languishing in the shed was made in jest). I think its great to have the opportunity to own a little representation of what was an amazing prototype. So thanks KR Models for taking this development on. Finally, I wonder what Lt. Col. Fell and the other designers/contributors might have thought to see this machine in miniature?
  5. Before installing, I set up the TTS with provided speaker on a DCC decoder tester and recorded the sound then swapped the Hornby speaker for an iPhone 6 speaker with the 'bit on the side' removed and the resultant hole plugged. Once again I recorded the result to try to compare the two and thought there was slightly less volume with the iPhone speaker, but the difference was hardly noticeable. My 'other half' who is more musically inclined and has better hearing than me thought the iPhone speaker sounded better. So who am I to argue Anyhow, the iPhone speaker (with the metal bits insulated with sellotape) fits snugly under the loco PCB and the insulated decoder sits on top of the PCB. The loco body just fits with the decoder mounted in that location. A quick check for working lights, motion and sound of course, screws replaced and the job was done and I didn't have to make any space by removing the fan assembly. So happy days! Good luck with yours and I hope you enjoy the result! If you need any pictures then feel free to contact me. I'm certainly no expert, but I'm happy to share my experience. PS Quick tip. If you install the decoder above the PCB as I did, make sure the connecting wires do not show through the little engine viewing windows on the side of the loco.
  6. Having just installed a type 31 TTS into a Hornby detailed Network Rail loco I would say the sound is great for a cheap decoder. I swapped the provided rectangular speaker for an iPhone 6 speaker mainly due to space issues, (I didn't want to remove the fan), and was very pleased with the result. The iPhone speaker fits snugly under the Hornby main PCB, and the TTS decoder once insulated sits on the main PCB thus no chopping chassis, removal of bits etc. Although my memories of the sound of these locomotives date back to my mid-teens in the early seventies, I would say that Hornby has captured the EE engine sounds admirably given the tiny speaker in my model. Well let's say it brought a smile to my face. So thanks Hornby. I would like to add one of these to the old 1960's Tri-ang version of the Class 31 at some point, but I have concerns regarding the current capability of the TTS decoders which may prove to be an issue with the old motor/mechanisms of these circa 60 year old models. Has anyone had any experiences of this?
  7. @96701, I too look forward to receiving my KR Models Fell. Just to add to the realism of this engine, I intend to leave it mostly in its shed above the inspection pit and surrounded by 1:76 scale detailed fitters/engineers all scratching their heads.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to reply Ian... As I tried to explain it is not a patience issue, I just wanted to ask someone at Locomotion when dispatch would take place as I wanted to ensure I would be at home to receive my model, having previously had items stolen from my doorstep when left by delivery drivers while I was out! As a new forum member I presume Locomotion No.3 is also a forum member who frequents this forum? As it happens, I didn't receive a call back from my answerphone message, however I did receive an email from UPS with a delivery day, and I was at home to receive it. So all is well that ended well and thanks to the obviously pressured staff at Locomotion and those who replied to my initial question on this forum. I now look forward to some sort of post-Covid 'normality' when I can travel up to Shildon and experience the real thing for myself.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have never visited the museum so I am unaware of staffing levels etc. I'm sorry if I sounded impatient, I'm just asking so that I can plan to receive an expensive order that may get left on my doorstep due to delivery drivers leaving things outside, ringing the doorbell, then driving off without checking that items have been taken in. (Amazon take note!). If I know when something may be dispatched, then I can plan accordingly thus the attempt to speak to someone.
  10. I have tried phoning Locomotion Models a few times today to ask about when an order for a loco made at the weekend will be dispatched, however, I get a recorded announcement requesting I leave a number so that someone can call me back. I am wondering if the museum is closed or only opened part time due to Covid as I haven't yet had a follow-up. Does anyone know how quickly the folk at LM usually follow up? Thanks in advance Chris
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