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  1. Hello all, need a little help please. I'm currently building a Slaters 7043 SCER brake van, and I am having a problem with the assembling of the brake gear. What I need is a photograph of the underside of the van showing/detailing the braking gear. Much appreciated for any help. PS it's O gauge
  2. I scanned 10000 slides and 5000 negatives, looked at a Nikon Coolscan 5000 but only available secondhand at a high price. So I purchased a Canon 9000 scanner, and have had great results. The Canon 9000 will do negative films and square format . A tip if you are scanning a lot of negatives its worth buying an extra negative holder, so you can load it as the scanner is scanning.
  3. I ordered a few things about a week ago, they have acknowledged my order, but not all items are in stock. They offered to send the items that were in stock and the rest when they are delivered to them. All appears to be okay.
  4. I have every copy of BRILL, they take up a lot of space so I decided I should put them in binders. Having looked around for a decent binder I was shocked at the cost, and no supplier was willing to discount 35 binders (planing for future issues). I wish the publishers would do a better index for the magazine, it's not a hard job to do and we could download it from the website. Currently the index system provided is for each volume, so you have to search currently 31 volumes.
  5. My school days mate's father was signalman at Heighington, and the crossing gates were operated by a wheel inside the box
  6. This is my first post, I'm building a South Eastern & Chatham 6 wheel goods brake van. The instructions supplied by Slater's are a little short of construction diagrams, is there any modeller out there who could post a photograph of the underside of the van so I can finish the construction please. Help much appreciated. Thanks
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