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  1. And there are more on the way for GBRf. 66797 has just landed - see Big Jim's thread. 66734 (scrapped after the Loch Trieg derailment) has been re-registered for use. (My bet is that if it is used, it'll be named "Loch Trieg") Numbers for 66798/799 have been reserved, along with a new series starting at 66351.
  2. No need for a separate thread. This thread is just the place. NOT After all, we did discuss the merits of various types of automatic gearboxes for many pages awhile back.................
  3. For those hoping for a 93..... The project is back on track (no pun intended) It may be worth keeping Class 93 discussions there. Until someone announces a model of a 93 and then a new thread can be started.
  4. Hornby have been contacted regarding the blue - I am awaiting their reply.
  5. It probably seemed a good idea at the time.............. (not)
  6. Yes, but I was clarifying that you can also remove the point spring when using solenoids with over-centre springs and not just slow action motors as per your original reply.
  7. Some of the hoppers will be going into new ownership. The (currently unregistered as far as I know) codes CCAX and CCMX may give a clue as to my fictional cement/aggregates operations. The logo may be red and castle shaped.............
  8. And the room lights dip if you were using Hammant & Morgan SM3 motors............... Noe that some solenoids have over centre springs, so the point spring can be removed. Such as the Seep PM4 and the aforementioned SM3.
  9. It's all laid to mainline standards...... There is enough distance between main and spurs to raise the ground 2mm instead! I did initially look at using a mix of Code 83 and Code 75 but eventually decided against it.
  10. And a few more nights after that. CSX MP15AC hauls a cut of hoppers to the paint/graffiti/weathering shops...... I do have a few cars in mid-graffiti phase. I have taken WIP pics, so will post them all together shortly.
  11. There's a possibility that there may be movement on this, with the recent investment in ROG/ROUK by STAR Capital
  12. Having done 00 for years (and TT before that), I can readily calculate the prototype dimensions in those relevant scales. I have to retrain my brain for 3.5mm mental maths...... (21mm = 6ft) but that's from sleeper, sorry, tie level.
  13. O/T from dmus. Someone has. In DCC Concepts showroom in Settle.
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