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  1. When it warms up, wood generally shrinks, metal expands. Not the best combination for baseboards and rail joints....................
  2. And these workings have been popping up on various lists. Monday - Saturdays 1F84 0555 Manchester Victoria - Liverpool Lime Street (0632) 1E25 0656 Liverpool Lime Street - Scarborough (0940) 1F25 1041 Scarborough - Liverpool Lime Street (1332) 1E39 1356 Liverpool Lime Street - Scarborough (1640) 1F76 1744 Scarborough - Liverpool Lime Street (2033) 1J53 2056 Liverpool Lime Street - Stalybridge (2153) Sunday 1E29 0856 Liverpool Lime Street - Scarborough (1140) 1F66 1241 Scarborough - Liverpool Lime Street (1532) 1E43 1552 Liverpool Lime Street - Scarborough (1839) 1F80 1944 Scarborough - Liverpool Lime Street (2232)
  3. Looking forward spending some time trackside. Previous visits have been somewhat rushed. Cheers, Mick
  4. Yes - sending 1 (or 2) will repeat when pressed on a Powercab. However - if you operate the accessory again, just by pressing the ACCY button twice, it does send the opposite command. Cheers, Mick
  5. Batterd jumbo sausage - works for me.. Ohh er Missus! In fact, I'm just about to ask the guys at work what they want from the chippy!
  6. Now you've confused Clive - his catchphrase will now be "it's only three wires"...…………….
  7. You can get two core mains cable...………. (For double insulated stuff)
  8. That table applies to ALL wires - even DC. It's just because DCC only uses two wires it needs to be bigger to compensate for all the small wires you need for DC...………...
  9. There are offenders in ALL groups of road users.
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