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  1. Hell yeah! - paint it yellow and put Network Rail stickers on
  2. I only accept Friday night beer tokens. I'll send you my bank details - I hope you have Nigerian bank account.
  3. You work for Hornby and I claim my £10.
  4. Artist impressions can be misleading - such as those of 31147 that clearly do not show the errant ETH connector. The images of the GBRf 50s are certainly not indicative of the shade of the models being way too light. I'll reserve judgement until I actually see an actual model GBRf 60.
  5. Could be worse, could be about bad cyclists......
  6. Especially when using a Hornby Elite... Some nice voltage spikes: https://www.picotech.com/library/application-note/dcc-demonstrating-the-Hornby-elite-using-picoscope
  7. Ok - nearly all cyclists are bad. I have my fingers crossed Happy now?
  8. I was referring to any crossing and ALL crossings and road users before we get into an anti-cyclist tirade.
  9. The same score can also apply to cars, pedestrians, vans, trucks, buses, motor cyclists and coaches and any other road uses.
  10. Surely it would look like any other pannier tank?
  11. The road they are coming from is a dead end - probably tourists visiting the old Fort Madison. https://goo.gl/maps/8BkuhbYUE86WABJf8 (The same coaches - or at least the same company - appeared in a previous grab bag video a few days previously as a convoy crossing right to left)
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