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  1. The standard default for new decoders is that the two outputs called F0f/F0r, or white/yellow, or FL/RL (and there are other notations) depending on which decoder manufacturer/type, operate with the F0 key in forward and reverse directions respectively. In much the same way that the default address is #3 Many decoders have the ability to map the outputs so they can be directional or not and/or operate with different F key. And there lies the solution to your question. The relevant CV values will depend upon the make of decoder fitted.
  2. I'm fortunate that I still have a proper timber merchant nearby. They will quite happily cut me a "flat pack" - even with such odd measurements as 2' minus 24mm. (An end inner panel on a 2' wide baseboard using 12mm sides.) Not cheap, but entirely worth it, as all the cuts are square and straight. I am a very satisfied customer of Waterloo Timber in Clitheroe.
  3. Go back to the previous page and see the post on Jan 3rd.
  4. QC faults aside - it is a very good model. £150 for a model without those issues is realistic when compared to the likes of the upcoming Accurascale 55s etc. It is also very good when compared against the lesser specified Bachmann 66 - even when the Bachmann 66 is discounted. £119 is even better value and the near/sub £100 for the imperfect locos is an absolute bargain if you're prepared to spend a few minutes work fettling. I'm sure that Hattons will procure another run - with the QC issues sorted. The gamble will be when to do so - especially when tryin
  5. Don't hold your breath. I've had occasion to contact them on two separate topics in the past 12 months. One took 9 weeks for a response, the other was 11 .........! And both cases required a reminder before a response.
  6. For those that haven't seen my US tagging (see the link in the sig below) - here's an example. Compared to a Revolution MMA - the autorack is to a smaller scale!
  7. Time for an autorack. I've downloaded a few screenshots of autoracks with full body tagging and then polled a few mates on which one I should attempt. Because they aren't my pics and some were video grabs, I can't post the pics here. I had already taken out my least favourite ones before showing them my short list - and they all chose the same one. First job was a layer of grey primer and then the base coat of acrylic blue. I then stuck a line of masking tape across the roof line and marked off the spacing between the letters comparing them to the pic
  8. Hi Kit UK prototype discussions would probably be a good place.
  9. Pink bargain. https://www.hattons.co.uk/656260/hattons_originals_h4_66_037_po16_class_66_66587_in_freightliner_one_pink_livery_as_one_we_can_pre_owned_wobbly_/stockdetail.aspx Edit: Well that didn't last long - less than 10 minutes - now sold!
  10. Last reported at the Connecticut Trolley Museum - some reports say it has been disposed of. Although this may be it on Google maps satellite https://goo.gl/maps/1kzTxSjuHVCTzmUJ7
  11. Try Luddenden Foot.... And there's no "d" in the pronunciation of Bradford. More like Bratfort with a soft "t"
  12. Under a new moon, 158867 leads 153331on 2N56 Rochdale-Clitheroe in the Ribble Valley on 14/4/21.
  13. DATS pack with Mk3 DVT,Mk3 and a 91? (And maybe a Railroad 90....?)
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