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  1. Bearing in mind that the first batch of Bachmann 66s were suspect runners. Only 4 axle pickup and bogie mounts that caused derailments. But back then, we just got on and fixed them. Extra pickups and a packing washer on top of the gear tower.
  2. Most weekend shows will start setup Friday. I don't know of any 2-day show that doesn't - and I've been exhibiting since 1980. There will be exceptions such as Warley that starts Thursday - for laying out and bringing in the big stuff - such as the full-size exhibits. For those shows that open Friday, this will often push back setup to Thursday evening- depending upon when the venue is booked from. Some shows that open to the public for Friday evening will only open for setup during Friday itself. Other shows that say open Friday lunchtime. may include Thursday evening setup. Some one day shows will begin setup the evening before - probably dependent upon the show itself. For example - is it a show with small layouts that can be set up fairly quickly? The above is my experience of setup, but I don't doubt that there will be other setup plans.
  3. For those thinking of travelling this service in the next week. 47712 has replaced 37521 at the northern end of the train. 47593 is still at the south end.
  4. So why are the beaches crowded? (Other similar scenarios are available - see below) A few weeks ago, I was starting to embrace the idea that I may feel partly comfortable at an exhibition (on at least 2 of the three fronts of trader/exhibitor/visitor), but having had the misfortune to be talked into visiting a large blue and yellow coloured furniture store last week, I am now of the opinion that a small-but-enough-to-be-concerned-about percentage of the population are ignorant/selfish/immortal/arrogant/can't be ar$ed (delete as appropriate) as to make me reconsider my previous thoughts I know it's not the same demographic as a model railway exhibition, but even if it translates to a lesser percentage at a show, it's still probably enough for me to re-think about my own personal wellbeing.
  5. And in these eco-friendly days, put the pan up and turn off the diesel......
  6. According to wnxx.com, I see long term Doncaster resident 96374 (ex-Mk3 sleeper, but later EPS ETS generator) is on the move to Great Yarmouth for a return to "serviceable condition". I wonder if this has anything to do with the rumour of more HST power cars for test train use?
  7. Subtle, very subtle..................................
  8. As confirmed by others - on the Mossend-Clitheroe. A search of flickr.com using the date function will show recent locations of a loco to give a possible clue. [*] This is 66773 from 6/8/20 https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=66773&min_taken_date=1596668400 Although on 5/8/20 it had worked from Wembley-Irvine and been in Tonbridge a day or two before. Locos that find themselves on the Clitheroe Cement traffic (Mossend or Avonmouth) often tend to stay on that duty for a few weeks - excepting failure or major exam. We'll see what next week brings.
  9. I can see that'll need an auto-reverser
  10. (Almost) Choc and cream. (Burnt Umber) Pic from flickr
  11. I get the idea about not letting out news regarding model releases etc, but holding back such information as an exhibition cancellation is odd at the current time - IMO of course. For it (the new show) to be in the mag, the cancellation and new dates/venue would have been known about at least 2-3 weeks ago. Something along the lines of "We're sorry to say it's cancelled, but look out for exciting news coming soon in the forthcoming mag" on the website would surely have been more appropriate? Anyway - it's done now and we can move on.
  12. Although I like the TCS Wowkits, I wasn't impressed at the Atlas Genset installation. It all goes well until you come to select the prime mover sounds - there isn't a sound set for the Genset diesels....... They are Cummins QSK19s, so should sound like a UK Voyager unit.................
  13. What's wrong with painting them green? Pic from flickr.
  14. The pink Atlas FEC GP40s are very scarce. I believe I may have bought one of the last "new" ones from a dealer in 2018. It came from Otter Valley Models in Canada. As for US layout - the background to #422 is "New Bryford"....... very much a UK layout.
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