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  1. The photo is of the similar HQA. Quite easily recognisable by the Axle Motion 3 bogies and the lack of brackets along the solebar. (There are other distinguishing features- such as only the outer wagons of the 5-set have buffers on one end only - all inter-set couplers are a semi-permanently coupled knuckle)
  2. A lot of the Railtrack branded JJA/HQA simply had the Railtrack painted out without receiving NwR logos for many years. 2010 pic. It only seem like they have acquired yellow bands and NwR logos from about 3-4 years ago
  3. Oh no - not another yellow debate...............................
  4. Hi Mark, Thanks - It does logically follow from the other XC01/XC03 coach and Hornby R numbers, that R4941A will be 45003, but we are talking about the big H here................. If I have time I will go and visit JDM and place my order tomorrow.
  5. If anyone has access to the Hornby catalogue, is it possible to confirm which coach numbers are allocated to R4941 and R4941A please? TIA, Mick
  6. And then blew up decoders...... Then folks complained to the decoder suppliers that the decoder had failed.......................... Or to fit a 21 pin decoder to the first batch of Dapol 73's you actually have to fit it upside down. Or fit a decoder in some Heljan diesels - test and all is well. Put the body on and it presses the underside of the pcb onto the metal chassis with various - usually release of the magic smoke - effects. Fit a 8 pin decoder in the normal - non-sound/DCC ready release, but a 21 pin in the sound fitted version and then make it impossible to swap bodies around because one has the cab lights wired negative common and the other has positive common. (Hornby 60 with ESU sound) Or fit a decoder socket and leave virtually no space for a decoder unless it is a solitary make/model number - there are lots of examples of that. I'm sure there are more examples of non-DCC-friendly models, but that's probably worth a topic on it's own rather than here. The manufacturers are getting there with making it easier to fit DCC - but it's taking longer than it should. All of which simply make the transition to DCC more difficult than it should be.
  7. So... Are they announcing that there are no announcements about the previously announced 2-HAP? Or are they not announcing that they are making any more announcements about other announcements? Or are they going to announce that they aren't making any more announcements until the previously announced announcements about the 2-HAP have been dis-announced? My head hurts...…………….
  8. Still quite a few of the YSA/YWA Salmons around - as well as the YKA Osprey variant.
  9. Quite - but I'm trying to find out which Hornby catalogue number is 45001 or 45003 - R4941 or R4941A. The Hornby website (and Hornby stockists) lists all the XC coaches with catalogue numbers and a respective coach number - apart for the two TCCs - it just says R4941 and R4941A
  10. As I've got XC01 represented with hinged doors, so I'm obviously after set XC03 I've managed to track down the catalogue numbers R4942A/XXXX/R4940C/R4940D/R4940E/R4939A/R4938A respectively But XXXX - can anyone confirm if the TCC for set XC03 is R4941 or R4941A please? (Logically it should be The A suffix...……) Ta. Mick
  11. And then go down the shop every weekend and ask "Is it here yet?"
  12. I believe 9801 and 9806 have been out and about with yellow stuff - and there may be more soon. Cheers, Mick
  13. I was informed that they arrived today and are processing back orders.
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