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  1. You know what they could have done that would have been neat and fit in well with the previous Basset-Lowke releases? Offer basic motorised 00 locomotive chassis and wagon chassis, with lego nubs on top. So you can essentially build your own locomotives and wagons with lego bricks on top. They could have made some bespoke lego style locomotive parts to mix and match, plus kids could add real lego parts into the mix to expand it. They could even take the range beyond steampunk, offering it as an extension to Hornby 00 with 'build your own' locomotives and wagons for kids that run on standard 00
  2. Much to my dismay the coreless motor in my O2 recently gave up the ghost. I found a replacement coreless motor here: https://tramfabriek.nl/motors.html The only one with the corect dimensions (7x16 I think from memory, but you might want to double check that) had a driveshaft at each end, but this enabled me to add a flywheel to it. This did require some minor grinding down of the metal block behind the O2's motor mount, but it was otherwise a perfect fit and as a result my O2 now runs smoother than ever before, with a bit more haulage capacity to boot. The same site of
  3. I've no problem with Hornby diversifying, but do kids really want fake lego of weird looking steampunk machines? Not to mention fans of the steampunk niche seem to be older and looking for higher quality and detail, these look like a mix between the sort of basic lego contraptions I built as a kid from spare parts and the earlier basic 70s lego kits. I'm sure Hornby has done their research but still, this seems like an odd one to me and I won't be surprised if these flop. I will say though that the lego style idea fits much better in the Airfix range, with fairly good block based r
  4. My solution to the lack of end doors on the old version was to cut a tube of foam pipe insulation into disks, that slotted into the loco lift between the loco and plastic ends nicely and could securely hold a loco, whilst also not damaging it. They simply lifted in and out when needed. This new system seems a bit big and bulky tbh, have to wait and see when it's released. Seems to be like the units are too short for 00 and way too wide for N, they perhaps should have made seperate versions.
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