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  1. If you were to do another of those resin D32s or D33s, would you still turn the heads of pins... or would you use rivets from Historex? thank you, Graham
  2. Thank you Mike. I had not seen those plates before Sunday - I am glad that I did not miss either the plates or the wagon as each enhances the other.
  3. Being the person who remarked on the fixing bolts... and the person who drank tea and ate cake whilst staring at Mike's prototype photo when discussing the shape of the letters with Chris Brown (who did the drawing for the etching)... the actual comment to Mike was in relation to the difficulty of locating the plate fixings from the photo. Chris and I noticed that the bolt heads for the plate fixings could be seen on the inside of the sheeting and that gave the lie as to the position of the bolt heads on the plates - it was this pleasant and fattening exercise, over a couple of evenings, which was the subject of my comment to Mike. Graham
  4. I have looked through that proceedings and I cannot see any example of the trapezoid plate - which page do you think is relevant to my question?
  5. This photo is an extract from a page of "GWR Wagons" by Tourret et al:- This drawing maps coupling plates to build period - I am interested in the dimensions of the trapezoid shown for the period 1900 to 1920. Can anyone provide either the dimensions or a reference to a drawing of the plate? thank you, Graham
  6. Choosing to build a model of a railway in the Forest of Dean is a smooth idea... lots of people are interested in the FoD and many of those build layouts which are set in the forest - thereby hangs your problem, lots and lots of people who have knowledge of what is thought to be correct. You mention using 5700 and 6400 classes... the earliest of those locos had not reached the forest when the passenger service from Lydney to Cinderford, to Lydbrook and to Coleford was withdrawn hence you may need to think about the Forest of Dean Branch from Bullo to Cinderford via Bilson. Passenger services to Cinderford lasted to late in the steam era although mostly run with GWR autocoaches. Try to find copies of books about the Severn & Wye Railway and about the Forest of Dean Railway published by Wild Swan and Lightmoor Press (see web site), there are seven volumes so far covering those lines. Other sources of information which can help you are listed on the Lightmoor Press web site, look for books of photos by Ben Ashworth and this volume of colour photos from 1950s and 1960s
  7. And does the prototype wagon have a cut through top plank?
  8. I suggest that you repeat the drawing exercise again and compare the second result with the model - only then decide what to do based upon:- 1/ if the wagon agrees with the second drawing then leave well alone; 2/ if the wagon has identifiable differences to the second drawing then decide if you can resolve the differences; 3/ if there are differences and you cannot address those differences then remove the body from the frame and start a new body (without, hopefully, the need to add filler to the top plank over the door). regards, Graham
  9. Thank you for those phoitos, they shall help us to get the end/floor join as correct as we can. regards, Graham
  10. Hello Mike, I appreciate that you have posted the occasional snap of the Oldham goods yard... are the originals available as part of an on-linew resource within the libraries of Oldham? regards, Graham
  11. Please consider offering the photographs to the Historical Model Railway Society.
  12. Darren, Please post photos of both sides of the wagon ends - when convenient for you. thank you, Graham
  13. Thank you for those photos, they are going to be most useful.
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