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    Helping my son build LNER A4s and Gresley teaks.

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  1. I agree with you about the improved appearance of the wheels after trimming the extraneous material around the spokes and along the inner edge of the rim. If Slater's Plastikard has a part in one of their kits then Slaters is generally willing to sell that part separately. I suggest that you call David and ask for a handful... I did so recently and received a hundred split pins for the coupling hooks. regards, Graham
  2. I expect that many others shall share my opinion... a resounding YES. regards, Graham
  3. I like the appearance of your roof covering - including the wrinkles which can occur with leaded canvas over time. Looks like canvas bedded to wood with white lead so now you shall have the opportunity to "age" the look over time. regards, Graham
  4. Looking at the photo of the prototype... how do the proportions of the angles on the lower body member appear when compared with the angles on the body member which is along the top of the diagonals? Does that assessment help you to decide on the size of the angles on the model?
  5. How is the most recent lamp iron part fixed to the body side given the position of the (previously fitted) body washer plates? regards, Graham
  6. I believe that the fitting is a double ended horse hook.
  7. The photo seems to show an "inner-city" location... with suggestions of industry close by... with a station that has (at least) two island platforms - those thoughts make me feel that the location is not on the pre-grouping GWR (the water crane with water tank atop may be a clue to the company that owns the infrastructure). I am inclined to suggest Leicester. regards, Graham
  8. Anyone got a copy that is no longer required? thank you, Graham Beare
  9. I think that you are correct in respect of the similarity of the movie clip to the restored coach... bar one observation:- look at the upper footboards. If there is someone at the open window near the middle of the coach, I think that window maybe for a guard's compartment - look at the lower roof deck where there is a single lamp top visible. The clip reminds me of the current travel restrictions in regard to face coverings.
  10. That jig, so brilliant in design! Thank you for showing us how you get the clipped corners. regards, Graham
  11. How do you create a slot for the coupling hook which looks so like a regular rectangle? By the way, my Slater's MEK brush looks just like yours, maybe a few less hairs. I think that I bought the brush in the early 1990s, so probably from the same batch! Peter has a "new" MEK brush, bought just a couple of years ago, and I find that his brush is so much more usable (than mine) when laminating "large" areas of plsatikard. regards, Graham
  12. And so am I - and maybe others too - for you have shown us all the benefits of patience, observation and careful working. If you fancy a slightly more challenging subject in the same vein - how about a GWR brakevan from the late 1800s? I am referring to the outside frame, single verandah, version. regards, Graham
  13. Correct... both in terms of length and cone angle. I arranged with David White for Slaters to produce conversion axles for me - an axle with the length and cone angle to fit the underframe of recent Dapol wagon issues and the bogies of the Autocoach... with the wheel seat to suit Slater's wheels. The axles are available only from the Scaleseven Group Stores - and are suitable for Slater's wheels for 0-FS and S7 gauges. Note that these axles are not suitable for use with the Dapol HAA wagon.
  14. For those of us with a copy of NSR Wagons (Chadwick, Wild Swan) the model looks just like the real thing, so to answer your question... do just as you suggest. You know that you can, we know that you can - we are with you all of the way to another masterpiece. regards, Graham
  15. Great idea. This might be easier if there is an appropriate size:- Triangular styrene rod .
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