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  1. HGV's have not "thundered" for a number of years - they only tend to make an obtrusive noise when they are running over poor surfaces (& a high proportion of them thesedays are air suspended & more road friendly). You appear to be a little "anti HGV", so in that case I respectfully suggest you stop buying anything produced outside of your district.
  2. I would check the voltages round the trackwork using a meter with a load (such as a 12v vehicle indicator bulb/lamp/globe) connected in parellel with it (the load will help to highlight any loose/dry/defective connections. Also, I would invest in a couple of rolls of single flexible cable for the bus - cost less than the price of a couple of mid range decoders.
  3. Not exclusive to Zimo - also available from Lenz & ESU (& probably others).
  4. I used to work for a well know supermarket driving HGV's - the fridge was driven by a generator deriving it's power from the road engine. By terpory switching off the fridge the trucks would go up long drags in a higher gear so certainly auxilery power taken from any traction engine will mean less power at the wheels.
  5. As you have overcome any of the issues regarding twin powered wires & "overhead points" & have no need for automation makes your choice of a DCC system easy. Before you go down the DCC route just bear in mind that DCC requires very good pickups - however, use of something like "Track Magic" will help as will the use of decoders with some form of "Power Pal". Your next choice will be desktop contrioller or hand controller. Handheld - I would recommend looking at the Roco Multimaus - nice single hand operation, illuminated display, more than enough space in the stack (or memory) for you to recall your fleet easily & you can name them (not possible with the Powercab** which many people swear by) "Red Bus", "Green Bus" & so on. You could also look at the Roco Z21 which is expensive but you can picture your fleet to find them & you can use a tethered handset, wi-fi handset or a smartphone/tablet. Some of the Gaugemaster systems are pretty good too - also alvailable as wireless. Lenz is excellent but like the Powercab, in need of updating, but then again Lenz is reguarded as the Father of DCC. ** The Powercab is a well respected & popular bit of kit, especially on here. Personally, I would not use one - I find the handset too "clunky", don't like the thumbwheel speed control & because you cannot name your fleet a little bit "old hat" & well overdue for an update. Personally, I have no experience of current desktop controllers.
  6. Roco produced a set of 3 - DCC operated with sound syncronised with the doors. You could select which side the doors opened & on closing they would close out of sync with each other. You could also select the "guards" door which would close after the others & the whistle. Not too certain but I think you could buy an extra coach. Very expensive though.
  7. I think you will find that the said gentleman was the UK Flesichmann Agent after the demise of M & R Model Railways. Fleischmann then sold direct to the retailers until the agency was given tio GM.
  8. I've had my (Black) Z21 for a year or so now & really pleased with it except for last weeks issue. I have a wi-fi Multimaus which is OK, works as it should but it's a bit "basic". I bough an entry level Acer Tablet to run only the Z21 App (the older "colour icon" version which I prefer. So far, so good except that I could not back up my data, either to a memory stick, SD Card or to my desktop via the internet/email. Did not worry too much until last week & the tablet would not start, despite many efforts & a trip to the local computer/phone shop that can usually kick most things into life. A few people have inferred that the Acer is "built to a price" & that I should have spent more on a Samsung or even look at Apple. Just like to ask for peoples experiences so that I can compare ; Android & various makes of Tablets. Apple (TBH, I'm not a fan of Apple). Running the App on a Winows 10 desktop (I understand that the forthcoming W11 will run Android Apps as "native". I have run "Leapdroid" Android emulater on an old PC & that seems to work albeit slowly. Huawei appear to be good value for money but do not appear to be fully Android compatable. Just peoples thoughts/experiences please to help me decide which way to go or maybe go for a different system (which must be able to hold 100 locomotives/units in the "stack". TIA, Sam. p.s. I've searched the forum & only found snippets.
  9. That 3rd wagon (car) looks like a candidate for the scrapyard itself.
  10. Always rings a warning bell to me - on the few occasions a supplier has wanted to avoid PP (or other providers fees) I simply tell them to add the fees to the invoice & I'll pay that way. Worth the peace of mind.
  11. Looks to me that it may be over a canal & there is enough height from the water level for canal boats. I may be wrong of course...........
  12. If you have to resort to manual switching you could try wiring a car headlamp bulb/lamp/globe in series with the PSU output - wire a switch to "short out" the bulb & see if that does the trick.
  13. Yet another incorrectly calibrated warning setup !
  14. Whilst agreeing to a number of points Kevin makes it will take time to resiolve the issue (actually, quite a bit of time). Increasing the wages/conditions of HGV drivers alone will not be the only solution - there needs to be a set of solutions, all working together. If we put aside the finger pointing for a momentlets consider some of the solutions. 1) Increase the wages - that will encourage new blood into the driver pool. 2) Improve drivers conditions. Both of these solutions will also help to retain good experienced drivers &maybe tempt some of the same out of retirement. 3) Better ongoing eduction for existing drivers (the CPC does absolutly nothing in this respect). 4) Better management - drivers need to be treated with respect & as human beings. Also, there needs to be regular checks/inspections of company owned equipment, how drivers are leaving their cabs, how drivers are engaging with customers & so on. 5) Well equiped trucks with working CCTV, A/C, HGV specific SatNags & a decent radio (most trucks have telematics but these are more for the bean counters to look at things like fuel consumption, hard braking & periods of engine idling). 6) ASAP start to weed out the bad drivers - if education does not work then the disapplinery system should be used). 7) Instigate a programe of smartly turned out trucks & smartly turned out drivers giving the who industry a clean professional image. 8) Better roadside facilities for drivers. 9) Anything else you can think of ? As an aside I know that there are a fair amount of drivers who don't keep their cabs clean, look like they sleep in the nearest hedge, bath as frequently as Queen Victoria & never appear to laundry their workwear - they deserve to be with their opposite number empler wise. IMHO it will take a minimum of five years, probably nearer to ten.
  15. I never said that "price & speed" was an excuse for "drivers to be careless about bidges". I stated already stated a number of times that the wages/conditions of a great many HGV drivers is a contributing factor. If the industry paid drivers a decent rate & better working conditions thjey would attract drivers with more professionalism & weed out the ones that cause the problems.
  16. Nope - wrong. It's a 12 tonner at least - not phyically big, even small refrigerated trucks like these have a payload of (IIRC) around 6 tonnes so that rules out 7.5 tonners & white van man. By all means knock delivery drivers from "white van man" (80 - 90 drops a day man) right through to the trunking drivers with 44 tonners - just remember where the problem really lies - the "must have it tomorrow & don't want to pay shipping" mentallity. Anyone who is a prolific user of the major mail order outfits is part of the problem that has been created over recent years. So, can we please stop knocking the drivers who are only trying to earn a living (albeit with the odd mistake here & there) - we can always start having a pop at train drivers who have the odd SPAD or open the doors on the wrong side.................
  17. The HO Heljan Nohab I bought was not a silky smooth runner out of the box - I contacted the dealers & it was the last one they had & was assured that it would get better with running in (not usually something you have to do with HO European models in my experience) - it lasted less than 10 hours running at half speed on it's own before failing. The dealers were no help suggesting I contact Heljan - when Heljan eventually responded (after, IIRC 3 e-mails) they simply did not want to know. Never bought anything from Heljan since. Read plenty about them being power hungry though since.
  18. I'm not too sure of the type (without looking & they are stored ATM), but I also have a set in orange & beige livery. I bought the Toshiba ones many years ago because they looked nice & have never seen any since - they were not in Roco boxes. Just done a quick search - looks like the catalogue number was 44020 for a 3-Car set & additional coach was available.
  19. The "migrant labour" issue is just one part of the "big picture" as is the lack of HGV driving test slots & IR35. However, the driver stortage had taken hold long before CV-19 & will take far more than 12 to 18 months to stabalise. The situations & examples I have put forward fefer only to the domestic supply chain. Wages will simply have to increase substancially if new blood is to be encourage into the logistics industry. I'm in the south east - the situation may very well be different elsewhere.
  20. The haulage companies & individuals mentioned ** deserved to recieve the full weight of the law. Those that took advantage of the "cheap EU drivers" situation have created their own misfortune. When on agency I drove (one day was enough) for a company based near Maidstone & when in stopo/go/walking pace traffic on the M20 had diffeculty keeping it's air pressure up (causing the brakes to not fully release) made it to the hard shoulder, phone traffic control & then the company - got a chewing off from the owners daughter becuase they then only have an hour to get it recovered & waited by the roadside. Compay van turns up with another driver who continued to drive the truck & I got a lift back to the yard where I walked out & went home - no money for the day but a clear consience. ** I do sympathise with the driver in the case of total brake failure - if that had happend to me & I am very fussy about my "daily walk round" & refusing to drive any vehicle with a safety related issue (even a warning light).
  21. I have an HGV SatNav myself. Last Saturday it failed when on-route, a route I had not done before on roads not familier with. I resorted to Google maps & extra vigilence on my part. Due to live traffic routing I did end up on some unsuitable roads but no damage or harm done. Luckily, the company I work for are "not on your case" every five minutes, unike some. Unfortunatly, there are too many HGV drivers that simply will not look after other peoples kit - cabs that look like a new style wheelie bin, knobs pulled off switches & so on - I dread to think what they would do to a company issued SatNav unless steps were taken to make them pay via their wages** for any damage/loss. It needs more care all round - NW & the Highways Authorities need to make sure that correct signage (taking into account road resurfacing/increased truck lengths ect), automatic warnings correctly calibrated, physical barriers and maybe something like those hanging poles you have in the Blackwall Tunnel. Some actual locations may need a combination or what is possible. NW need to face up to their moral obligations to protecting their property from those who either make a genuine mistake or those that are irresponsible. After all, the running tracks are fenced off to prevent the terminally stupid from instant demise. Human nature will always encourage some people to "chance it" - thats whay we have interlocks on washing machine & microway oven doors & so on. In this technological age it should be simple to avoid, but does not appear to be so. We should be concentrating on preventing incidents rather that finger pointing after incidents. NW's proposals to "go after" errant HGV drivers personally is a typical example of corporate bullying - can you imagine the results of say, a £5m claim - a driver made bankrupt resulting in NW loosing even more money via legal fee's & bad publicity when certain newspapers "report" the story. If NW really do want to pursue this unfeasable idea they should also apply it within their own remit when their own employees make mistakes but then lets not open one of these pictured. ** Not too sure if employment law allows this ?
  22. If you read the details NW are considering reporting drivers to the Traffic Commissioners (TC) - nothing new here - anyone can report a driver that holds a vocational licence to the TC for a traffic offence. The TC may "invite" the driver to their office to discuss the reported incident. At the end of the discussion the TC may revoke the vocational entitlement there & then, also may apply conditions - however, this does not effect the drivers basic licence. During the discussion the drivers previous record will be taken into account. All those "anti HGV drivers" (& I'm generalising here - not having a pop at Kris) need to take a step back & see how perfect they are themselves. Again, I'm not condoning HGV drivers that are "less than professional" but a lot could be done to help but one things for sure - costs will go up.
  23. I do see where you are coming from & if the USA does not want to drag itself into the communications age then so be it. However, how diffecult would it be to provide a notice with a phone number to the dispatchers office & a loction number ? Surely, thesedays of satalite tracking they do know where their trains are, what direction they are travelling & their speed ? Virtually everyone has a mobile/cell/handy thesedays.
  24. TBH I was generalising but used that quote as an example. & in gerenral I welcome being "put right" by people that are more qualified than myself on some subjects but on here I have a couple of minor issues ; There is often an undertone of rudeness &/or "I know better than you" in commments/replies & the way some appear to be picky to the nth degree when further discussion is pointless. Don't get me wrong, there is a wealth of good knowledge on here & some people have been very helpful. I also feel that I have something useful to contribute. However, I don't like being treat as an idiot or a schoolchild. Maybe I'll look for somewhere else more suited to my personallity.
  25. Yes, connect up both bogies. To improve pickup on OHE/Diesel outline locomotives I replace the traction tyred wheelsets with plain ones. Unless you are pulling in excess of 10 coaches up a helix they have more than enough traction with plain wheels.
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