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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies and info, very helpful. (I am aware there are other discussions about these units but I couldn't find the info I was after and these discussions were in the 'no questions' forum so that is why I posted a new thread in the questions forum). Thanks again, Ian
  2. Hi, I have recently seen some pics of class 442s labelled as working to and from Waterloo. Does anyone know if they operate regular services? I live in Fleet and want to catch sight of them but have no idea what services/times they might be. Any info would be appreciated!
  3. More great suggestions, thank you! The detailed information and photos are a great help, thanks again! Ian
  4. Thank you all so much for your replies. Sounds like some great suggestions, I will be sure to try to get to as many of those locations as possible! Thanks again for your detailed responses, it is much appreciated! Ian
  5. My wife likes walks, I like trains, so..... I am looking for nice scenic walks by active railway lines and wondered if anyone has any suggestions? Whenever I search for railway walks I can only ever find walks along paths where railway lines once were but want to find active ones e.g Dawlish Warren to Teignmouth where you are close to the railway for most of the way. Even just stopping points of pubs or restaurants with a good view of the line would be good! I live in Hampshire but any good UK locations would be great to know for when we travel. Thanks! Ian
  6. Thank you all for your replies and help! Thanks again Ian
  7. Hi, I have just moved to Fleet, Hampshire and wondered if anyone knew of any online sites/groups or anywhere I may be able to find out info of any special workings or freight passing through Fleet? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ian
  8. This is a great thread! Thanks everyone for sharing their pictures, it takes me back to my childhood! NSE is one of my favourite liveries, good times! Ian
  9. Great photos! And a nice mix of locos too. It was always such a magical place for me as a youngster, and it's still special to me now, just whenever i'm there now i find the trains are less varied/interesting, but it seems like there is still a good mix of trains down there at certain times! Thanks again for sharing the photos Ian
  10. The APT liveries look great! Great work! (oh how i miss the Intercity liveries! *sigh*!) Ian
  11. NSE is one of my favourite liveries. Has there ever been a poll on this forum of favourite diesel liveries? If there has, can anyone remember the general outcome? (excuse my ignorance if there has, i am a frequent visitor to this site but don't keep track of all the boards and discussions so may have missed it). Ian
  12. I like the idea of updated electric locos, especially the class 90 and 91. Highly unlikely i know, but i'd love to see a class 89 one day too! Ian
  13. Thanks for the link Il Grifone and the estimations/values they seem to be selling for, that's really helpful, thanks. Thanks also Jules for the info, apart from being helpful to know what era the items may have come from, it's interesting to learn abit about the history of them and also all the company changes at that time which i wasn't aware of! Thanks again for taking the time to reply! Ian
  14. Hi, Thanks for your replies, they've been helpful. I just wanted to know exactly what i had incase it was beneficial to try and sell it altogether, but i can see now it isn't. The pullman isn't in great condition anyway, so i wasn't hoping for much money anyway! Thanks again for your info and advice! Ian
  15. Hi, I have some older items in my loft and i'm wondering if they are part of a Blue Pullman set? I have a triang pullman loco, dummy and coach, some old track with pointed fishplates with the name 'Marx Toys' on the sleepers and a Airfix controller.....i think i remember that when i was younger the pullman i had was a set with track, controller..etc, but as they are all different makes am i remembering wrong?! If these are all part of a set, do people want the track and controller too these days or is it just the rollingstock that is wanted due to the lack of a modern version? Any help or info would be much appreciated! Thanks Ian
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