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  1. That's a fine model. I've a set of those sides awaiting in my project box to do these two in the later years of their lives. Colm
  2. A fine looking train, and hopefully I'll get a chance to see it in action sometime. Colm
  3. Just trying out my "new" camera took this video of a tour around the layout - a sort of "drones eye view". Colm
  4. It's looking very well, Tony. Now, the 'Golfer's saloon' would be a great new challenge! Colm
  5. One of the most pleasurable aspects of our hobby, is spending an hour (or three!) on taking a little corner of the layout which has been quickly set in place when building, but not properly "finished". Though there's always something more to tweak...the "bus station" was one such, but I've recently spent a few hours on two other areas, before beginning work on a loco conversion,which I keep putting off for some reason! At Ardglass (to feature in Railway Modeller sometime in the next year DV) there was a row of cottages which sit half over the controller. I built them from plastic c
  6. yes, but I can't remember the formula! I think it was paint supplied by Jim Poots, and some extra duck egg blue from my own stock. Colm
  7. I've been a bit busy recently, though not with teh railway! Still, I've been doing little jobs around the line. Some semaphore signals have arrived (from the boxes of stuff from the old layout, and what's great is that they still work. Of course, t here's some scenic work to finish off. This Dapol upper quadrant is the "distant" for the Stranraer branch. In the background are some others! Stranraer outer home, on the "direct lien" from Ardglass; the finial makes quite a difference amd gives it quite an "NCC" look, even if it's not a somersault. However, this ty
  8. A very impressive terrace, and so typical of the whole Adelaide area - the view from the railway was mostly of people's back yards, not the most inspiring on a wet day! A suggestion - i recall pigeon lofts at some of them - worth having a go at a few of those? That'd really shout "Belfast" to me! Colm
  9. Some recent pictures of the layout, with some more detailing complete. As the electrics of the layout are not yet complete and await my next visit to Ken "sometime after lockdown(s) in 2021", any locos seen are "posed" rather than operational. I look forward to seeing it again myself! Station buildings in place, and signals, pw hut have been added also. Hopefully there are no cattle in the wagons as it will be a while before they get shipped out! The pub is a "wet" one so it's closed for now; two people outside are
  10. One snippet about the "Castle" class - in view of the fulsome references to passenger safety and comfort from the advanced heating system. Alas, the latter was the bane of a friend's existence, he travelled regularly from Glynn to work in Belfast. He described thee trains as "the mobile fridges", as the heating was very poor. It seems as though there wasn't enough juice to really warm it up, possibly because it was designed for all electric vehicles, which shared the same bodywork. Eventually a solution was found.
  11. The Fenaghy Junction station building has now found it's way to Antrim and Ken has installed it on the layout, which is now nearly complete scenically. An "aerial view" . There are a few tidying jobs -for example, we still have to wire up signals, including the Hornby Dublo one, which needs access to the connections before we "bed it in" on the platform. The Braid riverside quay is in the foreground. In actual fact the Braid river isn't close to the railway but we've only got about 10 feet to get it all in! Getting signals operational won't ha
  12. Looks like a very attractive and well detailed little layout, hope it gives you lots of pleasure in days to come! Colm
  13. LIGHTS IN THE DARKNESS on the Ballycrochan Line Back at the beginning of the month I'd mentioned that I was re-connecting lights on some of the buildings. I got a bit of a bug about it and, among other routine servicing and planning some loco adaptations, re-connected nearly all the lights I had on the previous railway, and added some more. I’ve now got more lighting on this layout than in any other I’ve had. The Ballycrochan line night time illumination : Coleraine station in foreground. Ardglass is on the right but pictured separately -the lens can't give that wide a
  14. I did consider that but in the end decided not to, you need to be incredibly flexible to actually see the platform face, there's no access from the rear or side, so if it needed fiddling with or tweaking it would be very hard to see what you're doing. It doesn't really bother me anyway. Colm
  15. THE ARDGLASS RETARDER Maybe a word not commonly used by railway enthusiasts today, but (in this country at least) associated with “hump” marshalling yards of the 1950s on British railways. A retarder is a device for slowing/stopping moving wagons. They are still in use in many shunting yards worldwide, but I have found a use for one at my Ardglass station. I was working some trains through the station and recently useda rake of 3 of my “UTA” coaches, which happen to be pretty free running. Anyway, on stopping the train, then reversing it for the loco to uncouple a
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