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  1. Paint colours for models, always a tricky one. An early teenage memory I have is of Des Coakham (probably the best informed person on the BCDR telling me that he actually thought the BCDR engnes were black, but then realized they were revarnished from time to time and this darkened the colour. I also recall him saying that No30's colour was wrong. Desmond's final and definitive book on the BCDR has this picture on the front. Hmmm. I wonder what Desmond thought of it? Even allowing for the fact that it's a painting, has been photographed, scanned et
  2. Hi Tony, regarding my earlier reply, I'd not taken into account that your model is the rebuilt No6 and received a brighter green according to des coakham and others. So perhaps southern malachite green or BR(SR) green might work? Colm
  3. I've now finished the "Fenaghy Junction" station building; Like every model, you think of ways you might have done better but it should satisfy viewing at a few feet away and these are close ups to minimize background clutter (as well as some "photoshopping!" here and there.) The station viewed from the front; the fiddly ridge tiles and two little bay "things" came from cutting off the edge of some ratio platform canopy valances. The building has interior lighting, dim enough to save me having to fully furnish any rooms! The
  4. Hi Tony, that looks the part, I am in awe of this type of model engineering! As regards livery, on my 4mm BCDR models (see pic of my No 4 & 14, though like all such you need to see them in the flesh, so to speak!) I have used Precision Paints GNR dark green (tender lining. It's certainly a pretty dark green. I did try doing BNCR "invisible green"for No 62 by mixing black and brunswick green but on a small scale model i decided there wasn't the surface area to actually reproduce that colour as described in various books. Look forward to seeing this someday!
  5. And a challenge to any BCDR modellers (not a large group!) Can anyone think of a British loco anything like either of these? That's my usual starting point, as building from scratch isn't really on. An Adams 4/4/2 might be a start....
  6. It's been a while since we had any updates; with all going out "outside" the likelihood of Fenaghy Jctn being seen by the public in the next six months or so, is getting smaller. With out current regime we can't actually meet up at Ken's so work on the control panel, started a few weeks ago, has had to be postponed. However, I decided to make a start on the station building, It's a very scaled down Berkeley Deane Wise "Antrim" style - the directors approached him to design the junction buildings, and he obliged with this smaller version of Antrim main line station. Still under co
  7. Well done, it's good that you were able to create new from old so speedily. A bit of operating interest is I feel important for a satisfying home layout. "Trains passing" is great for an exhibition vide Bleach Green but I wouldn't want it at home unless I had another 15 feet to build a station! Look forward to seeing it as it develops. Your attention to accuracy is much higher than mine! Colm
  8. Hi there, It's been quiet on this topic for a while, but Ken and I have managed to meet up at last and work has begun on the unseen parts of the layout - i.e. the electrics, which, while not on a large scale, are a bit more complex than either Bleach Green or Killagan. So there's not much to We have still to install/connect the main control panel so nothing is running yet. At this time we do not think it likely there will be any exhibitions to take the layout to anyway, certainly for the rest of this year, so we're not putting ourselves under any pressure. However, o
  9. Just a memory of travelling on one of the AECs which still had the luxurious seating in first class, in this case at the back of the train. Coming into the city from Blackrock in the evening and passing through the closed stations at Booterstown, Merrion, Sandymount and Sydney Parade and watching the crossing gates close immediately after we passed through, the red lamps glowing in the semi darkness. Most trains ran from Blackrock to Lansdowne Road non stop. Apart from Merrion, all these re-opened later. Lovely.... Colm Flanagan
  10. Indeed, my wife sometimes refers to it as the "summer house"..! Pure escapism ... A short video of a UTA "neverwazz" formation - Railcar No4 with a luggage/generator van in tow, on a test run from Stranraer to Coleraine. The GV (Hornby respray) is for another modelling friend.
  11. i've been doing some scenic work on the last significant bit of bare board on the layout, the lifting section beyond Coleraine The main lines run behind my ferry at one end of the room), as below. After a good bit of humming and hawing I decided to re-use the "Eden Cottage" Mk1 which had been displaced from our "Bleach Green" layout as it was basically a tweaked Metcalfe farm house. I decided to give it some nice grounds around, with a terrace, gardens and lawn at the front, garage etc behind, and a drive curving up from the road. A very enj
  12. “THE GANZ” ULSTER TRANSPORT AUTHORITY No5 The story of an experiment. The subtitle above could refer to either the real thing or my model. Nearly twenty years ago, when I was researching “Diesel Dawn” I was fortunate to acquire some drawings of UTA railcars.. My interest at the time was in the MPD cars, and I generally paid little heed to the rest. Sadly all these drawings got lost in my recent house move. However, I recalled a railcar drawing with the intriguing name of “ Ganz”, UTA No 5. It was a single unit with double cab anda definitely unusual look.
  13. Another "fun" video witha beyer garratt and Flying Scotsman pulling really long trains. Try counting the wagons and coaches if you suffer from insomnia. There's a few Irish wagons in the freight train. My next post (coming soon) will return to the UTA theme., with UTA railcar No 5.
  14. The bridges are mostly Wills - the nearer narrow gauge one is the occupation bridge with stonework,(heightened), two of the others are the "Varigirder" with stone/brick abutments, and the far right one (on the standard gauge line) is a Peco "N" gauge girder with Slaters brick plasticard. I just wanted them to be all a bit different!! I expect a real engineer would be very worried about the lack of supporting depth on the underside of some of these bridges but clearances are very tight in this area and I "gauged" them to the minimum clearance possible. (Some of you will know I have on
  15. Some of you may subscribe to "New Irish Lines", a bi-annual magazine produced by Alan O Rourke. It is a "must" for anyone interested in Irish railway modelling no matter what era or scale, or even semi freelance! With the latter in mind I am reproducing here a picture which appeared in the most recent edition. In colour, with some more explanation about the stock depicted. The engine with the number plate (it's no 6) is essentially the closest i can get to the attractive little NCC narrow gauge compound 2-4-2 tanks with using an r-t-r chassis, and plasticard top. I rather liked the S1
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