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  1. Yes it seems so. The only Bachmann grey bogie takers which are available off the shelf which I can see are Shell and BRT by the looks of it.
  2. Matt this is all interesting stuff, even beyond the pure rail aspect. I didn't expect to learn this much so thank you. Rob, yes that makes things clear too. I cant decide whether to do the bogie tankers or LPG just yet as I could stretch my layout period to the 1990s in any case. The Bachmann bogie tankers are really pricey so will have to think about it.
  3. These are great, thanks Jon, plenty for me to look at here. The pics are great.
  4. Thanks guys. It's my first post and didn't realise which was the best category to use and subsequently realised it was probably better in the 'Modelling Questions' in the end. Anyway, John New, that's really useful thank you. Looks like there were BP and ESSO bogie tankers in the rakes later then which is what I'd like to replicate to some extent.
  5. Hi, I'm new to using RM web so bear with me. I hope I've got the right section for my question. Does anyone know for sure if the oil tanker trains which used to run on this route were bogie Oil wagons, which type/size they were and if they were BP or other? I seem to recall them being large grey tankers on bogies but not certain. I model in 00gauge using mostly Bachmann and want to find the closest to what ran on this route. Cheers
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