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  1. Hi Everyone, As it's accepted that there was a considerable variation in livery across the prototype and this varied with time, how feasible would it be to have the same variation within your range?. In other words, if the prototypes weren't all the same colour why should you make all the versions of your model uniform? It's probably too expensive but I thought I'd ask the question anyway. Peter
  2. Hi Everyone, With Peco code 55 it is possible to slice the sleepers off flush with the bottom of the rail which leaves a "ladder" of sleepers about .5mm thick between the rails. Do this with a spare piece of track and make a jig to save your fingers. You then remove 7 or 8 sleepers from the track where you want the magnet to be (or 4 if you have cut it in half). it can be packed with styrene underneath to bring it to the same height as the bottom of the rails. The ladder can then be slotted into the grooves at the bottom of the rails and the track re-ballasted so the magnet is completely concealed. This works perfectly, however, any delayed uncoupling will be dependent on the approaches to the uncoupler being straight. On my layout none of the approaches are straight enough to allow reliable delayed coupling so I have abandoned it as part of normal operations. In place of this, I have just added more magnets and hidden them and this is more than satisfactory. Peter
  3. Hi Bob, The other measure is, whenever possible to run your locos single ended and fit the cosmetic screw link couplings and bake pipes. The Dapol magnetic couplings are more discreet and their simple buckeye ones are even more so (nice between 2 class 20s). A magnetic coupling can also be filed and glued into the rapido slot (class 44/5/6). Peter
  4. Hi everyone, The pillars appear to be over scale all around the front windows, perhaps this is a practical compromise for n gauge. It struck me that if the centre pillar had been represented at absolute scale it could have drawn too much attention to the outer pillars and also the windows may have appeared to be the wrong shape. It's hard to believe this was an oversight, more like a pragmatic solution to a difficult modelling problem. Very nice paint job on the golden ochre model though, had you perhaps noticed that the locomotive behind has somehow beamed in from the Deutches Bundesbahn and lost about 8% of it's total mass on rematerialisation. Peter
  5. Hi Everyone, One of the many distinguishing features of the class 55 is the extremely long wheelbase which, on the new model is absolutely correct. I'm particularly pleased that Farish didn't use this as a point of compromise for clearance. It was a compromise on the old 55 and that is one of the reasons why I never bought one. The wheelbase should be 4.8mm longer than the class 50 and as such will probably scupper any ideas of a hybrid solution using the Dapol 50 when it appears. I did note some time ago that whilst DJ was still at Dapol, there was a struggle to fit the NEM box on to the front of the bogies of the 50 without the coupling protruding way too far (as it does on the Farish 37) He was even contemplating 8 wheel drive. I agree, Dapol seem to be able to find better solutions regarding clearance particularly with the 56 and Western. Peter
  6. Hi guys, Just for some balance, my Dapol A3 shed a tyre a week ago, It will be out of action until I can put aside an hour to replace it. Peter
  7. Hi Everyone, Having explored the same bogie swap procedure Dr Al described I noted that the unmodified 37 bogies looked ridiculous on the Deltic. The conclusion I came to was that Farish have decided that some sort of compromise is needed with bogies is necessary and that have probably come up with the solution that maintains the overall shape and height of the loco whilst still leaving it able to traverse 12in curves. The 37 with it's full sized bogies and oversized gap looks too tall to me and that is a compromise that can be seen from across a room. In this respect, Dapol, with their 56 and magnificent Western have managed to run their tolerances tighter with scale bogies and a correct gap so it is a shame that Farish can't try a bit harder in this respect. It will be interesting to see the bogies on the forthcoming Dapol 50. For the record, my 55005 has worked faultlessly straight out of the box on DC, Lenz DCC and now Zimo with sound. Peter
  8. NZmodeller

    Ask Dave

    Hi Dave, Can you shed any light on why, in the history of British N there has never been a rtr version of the 124 Trans-Pennine DMU?. I can imagine the cab end might be difficult to model and a 6 car set may need as many as 4 decoders. That apart, the units ran across the Eastern and Midland regions for 20 years, traversing 2 trans-Pennine routes which would make it a suitable item for more modellers than - well another 6 car DMU released in the last few years. Given that the units were based on the 64ft mk1 design, Farish may have the inside track for the model but this would be irrelevant if they never release one. Any thoughts? Would be an interesting sound project too, 8 engines, 1840hp. Peter
  9. Hi everyone, The peak is also too high, there should be less of a gap than that, they are also way too wide but that has been covered in previous forums along with the solutions. Peter
  10. Hi everyone, The white wheel rims tend to accentuate the small wheels, the problem is far less apparent with the plain black wheels of the blue version. Peter
  11. Hi Everyone, It may turn out that, on closer inspection the smaller wheels/small bogie strategy may have been transferred directly from the DP1 and no-one picked up the anomaly as there was no previous model to compare with. It's each to their own on the compromises that need to be there to get a model to run around tight curves. Some will look at the Deltic's bogies and will never be able to live with the look, personally I prefer that to the loco sitting too high. If someone can find a way of altering the model so that it has the correct sized bogies and wheels, has a scale gap between the bogies and body, is the correct height and will still run around 300m curves then I will be interested but I won't hold my breath. It will, however, be very interesting to see the Dapol class 50 Peter
  12. Hi Everyone, It is possible to fit the 37 bogies into the 55 and they don't look great, mainly because the gap is even more pronounced but even so , the frames look a little too chunky under the 55. They are a tight fit so I wouldn't recommend trying to run the loco like that. I've lowered one of my 37s and adjusted the gap on the bogies too, this did create a few problems on curves. In short, I prefer the Deltic compromise so the loco is not too high and this accentuates it's overall length and presence, both locos have a bigger gap between loco and bogie frames but I think the 37 looks worse out of the box, hence my surgery to the loco. We've had this before with the 42 and 47 which was lowered but is still too high. On the other hand, Dapol have been able to do a 56 and 52 without this anomaly. The gap is clearly deliberate and we appear to be at the mercy of a policy that enables all Farish locos to traverse train set curves. I'm still struggling with how this didn't happen with the DP1 though. Peter
  13. Hi Everyone, I note that YouknowwhoofLiverpool has already run out of all 3 versions before they had chance to photograph them. If this is an indication of the overall sales trend then Bachmann should surely follow with re-issues and definitely a FP livery version. A weathered one would be very welcome as with their mileage and prodigious clag they were never clean for long. Whether they have already planned this is another matter so it might be a reactive process. My 55005 arrived this morning and I have to say I'm delighted. This is partly due to me deliberately holding off from buying the previous version for 6 years in the hope of a new model but mainly because it is a quite magnificent model with a definite presence. Adding parp and and a very loud vroom will be inevitable and I look forward to reading how different modellers achieve this. For the time being it looks just right with some MK2As in late 70s style off the beaten ECML track. Peter
  14. Hi Everyone, Just in case anyone else is looking at nameplate replacement, thought I had better share this. I decided to test the rigidity of the glue on the nameplates by applying a little pressure to the edge of the plate with a modelling knife. This was sufficient to ping the plate off without much effort at all and without any damage around the edge. On this basis I've ordered some red plates. Peter
  15. Thanks, I might try that
  16. Hi Everyone, My 4498 SNG has just arrived, running very nicely, no problems. Looks especially good at speed hauling teak. The "as preserved" livery is fine too but the evidence I have is that during it's time in LNER livery in the 60s and 70s the nameplates on the original were (incorrectly) red rather than black on the model. I can see the rationale behind the decision to produce the model with black nameplates so I don't really have a quibble with Dapol in that regard. Having established that the correct nameplates are available, does anyone have a recommended method of removing the factory plates safely so the new ones can be glued straight back on?. Any stories along the lines of "I tried and wished I hadn't" would be just as welcome. Peter
  17. Hi everyone, Bachmann's site is now saying May/June for Deltics Peter
  18. Hi Dave, If you did "Derby London Road" (1970s) would be a very compelling layout project. Peter
  19. Hi Everyone, I couldn't resist this! Peter
  20. Hi Everyone, I'd like to see a 124 Trans Pennine DMU. As far as I can tell it would only require tooling for the 2 types of motor unit (driving MC & non-driving MBS). the centre 2 coaches would be a standard buffet and SO. There may be some reluctance given that a the Blue Pullman 6 car sets haven't exactly sold out but the TPs lasted much longer and could therefore appeal to more modellers across the eras. Motors could go in the MBS coaches. Cheaper to make than a BP and more people could put one on their layout. Peter
  21. Hi All, Some may have interpreted my previous post as exhorting Dave to cater for sound but it was actually pointing out that those who want to do that will find a way and live with the compromises. They may decide to obscure the windows with a speaker for instance. I would suggest, Dave, that you go with your instincts here and if you can manage to see right through the cab windows that will be a major achievement. Haulage may be a problem though and every last mm3 will need to be occupied by tungsten to get the weight up to a workable level, especially if the locos need to pull "for 2" with a dummy. If you were considering traction tyres on the 23 then they may be a necessity on this loco to pull trains worthy of 1800hp. All the best with this, both the 17 and 23 will be in the don't need/wrong region/wrong era/must have category for me. If they are up to the standard of the magnificent Western, I can't wait. Peter
  22. Hi Dave, Ironically, an empty cab will be more attractive to DCC sound advocates as it would be the most obvious place to fit a sugar cube. Another outside the square option may be to ditch the dummy range and just have all locos powered with 1 bogie drive. Lack of weight above the driving wheels may be an issue though. Uneven motors would only be an issue for those running in multiple and if the motors are particularly different. My class 20s run sufficiently evenly to put a good case against dummy locos but perhaps I have been lucky. Peter
  23. Hi Bob has far more stuff than his site shows, best to ask him. Peter
  24. Thanks Dave, Your work with Dapol has demonstrated how vital communication is in this business and particularly that listening is fundamental to that communication. The results have been remarkable and can be measured by the increasingly impressive and eagerly awaited models from the company. The response from the main competitor has been significant too after years of feet-dragging mediocrity. Put simply, you have increased the enjoyment in British N gauge for everyone. All the best in your next venture. Peter
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