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  1. Does anyone have any pictures that they could share please?
  2. One more for a separate pack of inners on the grey and orange livery please.Good sensible choice of wagon,by the way,I hope these are really successful for you.
  3. Well I have done.It became clear to me a week ago that for some reason Hattons have not been supplied recently by Bachmann.
  4. Yes it is ironic,isn’t it.I was only thinking the same yesterday.
  5. Yes,I am still patiently waiting.Seems a bit odd to me,a lot of retailers appeared to receive stock about a week ago but Hattons as yet do not .Maybe someone in the know can shed some light.I did ‘chat’ with Hattons on Wednesday and the reply was expecting ‘any day’.
  6. My five ,in no particular order PAA/PGA Covered hopper...British Industrial Sand PAA Grainflow BBA Polybulk Grainflow bogie wagon CSA Flyash presflo There are also chemical wagons,further steel wagons and ferry vans which would fill big gaps in my wish lists for the 1980’s....I could go on.
  7. Just wondered if any turbots were seen at Warley on the Dapol stand?
  8. Can I ask,where have you found this information?
  9. I spoke to Dapol at their stand at the GCR event earlier in the Summer, and enquired about any progress that they may have made on this long outstanding project. I was told that a wagon had been scanned and they at that time, were expecting to have something to show at Warley. So unless their plans have changed,I'm hoping to see something from them then.My guess would be that we may have a turbot from both Dapol and Kernow.If that is the case,then it would be interesting to compare one with the other as I've been patiently waiting to buy some for quite a while.
  10. Really sorry to hear your news.I hope in time you will be able to build something again which you can share with us.
  11. Shame,I feared you may say that.Oh well I live in hope but won't hold my breath.
  12. It's very welcome to see a new venture formed with the intention to produce high quality wagons.I wish you both good luck and every success. One of the wagons on my wishlist in rtr form is the covered PGA hopper in white with the BIS livery.I don't have any knowledge to understand any differences between the open wagon proposed and those covered so can I ask, how far removed from what you have drawn would this wagon be,and in due course might this be something that you may consider?.You could count me in for alot of those if one could be produced.
  13. I have to agree with what everyone has said. I'd like an original large logo railfreight and a blue 31/4.Common liveries but as every year has passed by I have little hope and expectation that I would be happily surprised.History suggests they have been useless in this regard.
  14. I would imagine you are over the moon with those buildings John.Howard has done a lovely job there for you. It all looks to be coming along very nicely indeed. David
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