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  1. The obligatory shot down at the shed... D8401 Ardley Bridge Sept 2013 b by Pete Piszczek, on Flickr
  2. http://cdn.steampowered.com/Manuals/24049/Class%2045%20Addon.pdf?t=1270243112
  3. It was 'traffic enforcement' before some photoshop trickery...
  4. Rather clever videos: The turntable spin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc6X0Yl1-Iw&feature=player_embedded The time lapse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=jcS0U_9B0Xo A few more from me shot on the night of the 3rd, morning of the 4th. These guys look like moon worshipers: And one for Craig. I was going to paint a pair of HO Baldwin Babyface locos in the later CNJ green, but this scheme is so darn appealing... This fellow seemed neglected, the original NS, illuminated by an SR E unit... These two look natur
  5. Sorry I missed you Craig. There were other folks there too, that I knew, and we never crossed paths. There were a lot of hats covering heads... That N&W blue was striking, even if it was a dip job... Did someone say the event was like a concert? A shot at 11PM Tues night after most had gone home... My favorites, they managed to make it back to the roundhouse, well before the rest of the locos... That Illinois Terminal unit is radioactive. It is painted in the same green stuff that the toxic avenger stepped in. You park it next to any unit, and it's neigh
  6. That Interstate livery is sure going to stand out in an all black consist!
  7. Woohoo! #3 http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=393441
  8. We are supposed to snip the Bachy capacitors off when we fit DCC, correct?
  9. Crazy times two... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rail-Yard-Models-PD3000-Covered-Hopper-Kit-Weld-Pattern-B-/290684666022?pt=Model_RR_Trains&hash=item43ae2800a6#ht_1161wt_1161
  10. http://www.ehattons.com/32672/Bachmann_UK_36_407_1950s_Train_Crew/StockDetail.aspx These fellows look the part, but they are probably closer to HO than OO.
  11. FWIW, the bidding has started on ebay. This should get interesting.
  12. Unfortunately, I never got around to adding any of these kits to my strategic reserve. This topic is being followed on a number of forums, when the remaining kits are sold, if it is via auction versus buy it now, it will be quite interesting to see how high they go.
  13. I believe we are starting to get a bit silly here. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that DP2's body was anything other than a production Deltic, modified for the alternate primer mover. It is wishful thinking to believe that somehow the cab taper was modified on the prototype and Heljan was clever enough to capture this subtle change on DP2. <ROTFLMAO> You don't have to see the model in the flesh to tell there are issues with the lack of cab taper. The photos posted of the model are more than sufficient to come to the conclusion that this area is off. The consensu
  14. Not sure where this "rare as hen's teeth" is coming from, you can still buy the Class 22 from a couple of major retailers, and the Hatton's 10000/10001 is still available in those liveries that have been delivered... I will agree that the Heljan Western's will become even more readily available, I have some untouched models that are going to get flogged to the highest bidder, I suspect I'm not alone in that regard.
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