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  1. Rails of Sheffield have photos of the models on their website. These have only been posted in the last few days, so I think they should not be too far away. Hopefully. Mark
  2. Whitby for me as well. Its a long way to travel from the other side. In OZ Mark Best fish and chips in UK according to Rick Stein at the Magpie Cafe. Also where Capt Cook left from to discover Australia. So whats not to like about it.
  3. Hi Gilbert, Congratulations on ten years of Peterborough North. it has been fascinating, inspirational and informative. I am interested in your signals and where they are placed on the layout and what they are there for. Could you elaborate on this. I know this may take some time, so seeing that others have said they hope you keep going, here is another aspect to cover. I am working on layout signals and looking into a friends O gauge layout, which is 45' x 20'. It may also require some more aerial photography. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi Tony and all, I haven't posted for a while as have been busy with other things, like working on the house and lost a little of the modelling mojo. Since several people have been putting up photos of their models under construction, I thought I better add one I have started over the last week. I am constructing the Observation coach for the LNER Coronation set. I was not happy with the shape of the Mailcoach kit and decided to purchase a 3-D printed version via the Shapeways website. I have sanded the body, undercoated and sanded again. I have used the Mailcoa
  5. "It is a Mistake from what i have been told it will be more likely to be around £40.00 " I think that would be more like it. Even at that price its good value. Thanks Mick for the model photos too. Mark
  6. Thompsons and the Hush Hush W1 coming my way, may be in both forms. No rolling stock at all. Bachmann might have a go at some North Eastern coaches, hope so. Mark in Oz
  7. 7pm over this side of the ditch. (Australia) Mark
  8. Oxford J27 being delayed until June is correct. according to info received and seen. Mark
  9. Shame The BR J36 is not at Rails for 10 quid less, I would jump on one. Well I might just get one anyway from Hattons. Mark in OZ
  10. Have been there several times on way to Merimbula on the coast. I have family in nearby Wolulma, where Sir Henry Parkes promised a railway, which was never built. The town had a Railway Hotel for some time. Does the Model Railway still exist in the Station building? Mark
  11. There was a photo on Railway Modeller mag's facebook page with Steve Flint holding a decorated BR Loco. No tender attached. It looked pretty good to my eyes. Here it is below. Just a taste to wet your whistle. Mark
  12. Great work on the Hachette A4. Did you spot the fly on the right hand side of the footplate. Must be ready for a ride.
  13. Mark of Markits latest reply to me, which took around a month after I sent an order. I was not in a hurry for items. "Apologies for the delay…. Just very busy manufacturing….. Just Cast 72,000 NEW Driving wheels, bit time consuming…. Yours sincerely, Mark Arscott For MARKITS (UK) Ltd Tel: 01923 249711" So he is definitely still in business. Yes the website needs updating. Mark in OZ
  14. MEGair

    J27 oo model

    I got this on FB. There is a listing below in the Oxford Rail section for this. Mark
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