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  1. Mark of Markits latest reply to me, which took around a month after I sent an order. I was not in a hurry for items. "Apologies for the delay…. Just very busy manufacturing….. Just Cast 72,000 NEW Driving wheels, bit time consuming…. Yours sincerely, Mark Arscott For MARKITS (UK) Ltd Tel: 01923 249711" So he is definitely still in business. Yes the website needs updating. Mark in OZ
  2. MEGair

    J27 oo model

    I got this on FB. There is a listing below in the Oxford Rail section for this. Mark
  3. MEGair


    The latest incarnation of the V2 has the new chassis with old body. It has been a few years since I looked at the V2 chassis replacement for the split chassis. From memory I think it fits, but with some cutting away or adjustment under the cab somewhere, can not remember. I bought a new chassis V2 to replace the split chassis. My 'bag of nails' split chassis is running okay at the moment, so the new chassis is not needed yet. It may also need a different size fixing screw, as I replaced the V1/V3 tank engine chassis with a new one and that is all it needed. I will check later and get back to you unless someone else replies first. I have ordered the new model with complete new tooled body, so will have 3 incarnations of the V2. Hope this of help Mark
  4. Hi Darius, You have done an excellent job on the Rest Triplet set. Just one thing to point out, the handrails on the end of the roofs are actually Alarm gear. I too have a set of Kirk's in the to do box, but there was no interior. I may have enough spares. Not sure if its going to be LNER Teak or BR Maroon. I bought around 20 Kirk kits for A$10 each, that's about GBP6 ea. from a deceased estate. I already have a Comet Rest Triplet Set finished in LNER teak. Mark
  5. "Interesting that Markits have turned up in the recent discussion. I am looking for replacement bits for a J72 I am detailing. I need new tank fillers and safety valves. I thought that Markits might have the right or similar fittings. However their website hasn't been updated and I can't find a catalog of things they make . If any one has a list of Markit items I would appreciate a PM. That way I would place an order as for us lot living on the other side of the earth we do purchase a lot sight unseen. Even better if there were photos. " DougN A flood of responses. Just sent an email before reading down the page. Mark
  6. Hi Jesse, You are right regarding the machines at Coopercraft. I would start the 7 you have and try an find one as you have asked. Someone may just have them. Other than that can I suggest you find a couple of old Tri-ang Thompson coaches and make them up as close as possible so at least you have an 8 car set. There is a fellow on Facebook who has done this. Tom Hardcastle is on here too, I think. I am building 6 of the Mailcoach Coronation set myself. I do have the whole set. Though have been busy for a few weeks. They are painted the two tone blue (Garter & Marlborough) and trying to complete the interiors and then I will line the windows and beading. They run well even with the Mailcoach plastic bogies. Hope this helps. Mark
  7. Tony, I was disappointed with the video. Prototypical running, with prototypical engines, trains, rolling stock in a real location, though in model form. Then correct lamps, correct movements, working signals, figures to boot. Only thing missing was that horse they would use to shunt wagons in the sidings. Now that I got that out of the way, what's not to like. I enjoyed your description and had to stop and go back over some footage just to take it in. You may have covered this before Tony. What and how have you come up with the roster/timetable? You mentioned 1958. Is it following a specific time/day or period? I have both DC (100apx) and DCC (6) and agree that after 10-15 minutes I have had enough of the sound and turn it off. The outside track is changed over by toggle switch. I have just returned from 3 hours of running trains to a timetable with bell codes and waybills, etc. It is not prototypical, but gives a very good experience. And yes I am a learner. I am aiming to introduce a running sequence on my layout. I have 17 trains. Coach sets are 8-9 and Freight ranges from 7 to 32 wagons. So any thoughts and advice is welcome. Mark
  8. Hi, I'm in Australia and we get the UK model mags about 4-6 weeks later than the UK. I collect the Hornby Magazine from issue 2 through my local newsagent every month. Picked up issue 1 at another newsagent across town which made me go to my local and order it. they had not seen it and subsequently order 3 or 4 extra every month. The other magazines, RM, BRM & MR I buy ocassionaly when an article interests me. A friend buys these 3 every month which I borrow [Admin removed]. I then lend him my Hornby magazines to read. Recently I bought the RM 2009 Annual CD which had some articles which interested me. It does not include exhibitions and classifieds. These don't generally interest me as I am in Australia, but have looked at the ones during April-May in the last couple of years mags as my wife and I will be in the UK next year. I think this is the way to go. Mark
  9. Rails of Sheffield in co-operation with Bachmann have just announced the LMS/BR 10000 & 10001 Diesel Twins. so you can add these to the list. Mark
  10. MEGair

    Bachmann O4

    Looks like a new loco will be joining the stud soon. Finally As someone once said "Like what you run and run what you like" Though I concentrate on LNER, but have a growing amount of BR all regions locos for something different. LMR - Duchess, 8F, Stanier 264T, WR - Grange, 4575, 87xx, SR - Merchant Navy, King Arthur, Schools, NE - A1, A3 & A4. MArk
  11. Hi David, I have just checked the Peco website and it is not the Aussie layout. regards MArk
  12. MEGair

    BRM June 2010

    Hi Richard, Now that the EPL is over I can look forward to the forthcoming issue. A few years ago, aprox 2 I think, there was a article on Roy Jackson's Retford. Has there been an update on this magnificent layout? Regards Mark in OZ
  13. Hi David, Is the Midsomer Norton layout, the Australian based layout? It is superb in the flesh. Having seen it several times. We don't see to many quality british layouts at exhibitions anymore. They tend to be Australian and American. regards Mark
  14. Hi Doug, Nice looking layout there. What about Newton Abbey? Newton Downs, Newton Rises? Newtondale sounds good too. How does your stock manage to stay on the track? Have you introduced the old triang magdahesion to your stock? Look forward to seeing it "in the flesh" Mark
  15. Hi Andy, excellent work on the signal. I have just started to look at signalling for my OO LNER layout. I have a roundy-rundy layout with a branchline to Ponteland terminus (Northumberland) to build in the future, which my also double as an exhibition layout. From what I can see so far, it looks like ground signals are they way to go, but I can't be 100% sure on that. Hopefully someone else may be able to help futher. I would also try the LNER Forum if you haven't already. I will get back to you when I discover more. regards Mark in OZ
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