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  1. the curtains & mirrors are a good effect, I painted the table tops white on an old TSO to simulate preservation dining, this worked to break up the interior. I did not know about the kitmaster interiors were available to download. Divid.
  2. thanks for the reply, will keep looking . Recently bought a few new mk1s. Divid.
  3. are there any ways of detailing the interiors of a coach ! I am looking for transfers to detail the seats . Divid.
  4. Hi all , yet another colour question. The shade of green used on camping coaches during the B.R era, has anyone got any info etc. Thanks Divid
  5. Thanks, will take a look at those paints. Divid.
  6. Hi, what would be the best paint match to the new Hornby mk1 maroon coaches , Looking to repaint some older ones. Thanks Divid.
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