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  1. Watched the film countless times - one of my favourites alongside Will Hay's Oh Mr Porter. The Titfield collection is now certainly on my wishlist.
  2. Thanks very much for telling me.
  3. After reading the book this morning I can honestly say that it is the usual high standard you come to expect from Peter (I have others in the series). Details the history and route, motive power and rolling stock as well as the tramway.
  4. Just received the new Peter Harding book in the post on the Hythe and Sandgate branch line which also features details on the tramway. Its nice that Peter is still writing new books to add to the series. He must be in his 80s now. Got my copy from Branchstow. https://www.branchstow.co.uk/thehytheandsandgatebranchlineandtramwaypeteraharding/ That's todays reading sorted!
  5. Just visited Rails of Sheffield and noticed they are accepting preorders for the Titfield Thunderbolt set to mark the 70th Anniversary of the brilliant Ealing Comedy classic - one of my favourite films. Sadly it seems I've got to wait until 2023 before it comes in stock. That's Christmas list 2023 sorted! https://railsofsheffield.com/products/43835/rapido-trains-uk-922002-oo-gauge-the-titfield-thunderbolt-deluxe-train-pack
  6. Following last year its nice that steam events are back on the calendar. Anybody going to this years steam gala from 29th to 31 May at Fairbourne? I understand they have a range of visiting locos from Littlehampton, Rhyl and Windmill Farm.
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