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  1. No you don't! I have ten Kemilway 7mm coach kits stashed but it was a continual struggle to get all the bits sent through in stages and many many phone calls - and this was at least fifteen years ago. I can only imagine how it is now. But it is not only Kemilway. Kit suppliers just don't seen to carry stock now. As a trader myself our stock levels are linked to our web site and we can't take orders for what we do not physically have on the shelf. Only that way can you hope to turn around orders very quickly.
  2. We have several packs in stock. We will try & get them all listed in the next fortnight - after the wagon kits are all on. There are 1-3 of most packs and sometimes around 5-7 of some others. I cannot say if they will come back once sold out - maybe in a rationalised format - but it is just too early. Certainly not all will return. As with the wagon kits - as soon as they come on at these prices - it might be prudent to get what you think you will need - assuming we've got enough!
  3. Just to update things - we've now added all the GWR Wagon Kits we currently have, plus a few Classic Commercials vehicles. There wasn't much left stockwise from the CC range. Have also added some Wrightlines locos. Now starting to prepare the LMS/LNER & SR wagons, and all the Narrow Gauge Rolling Stock we have, for adding early next week. Regards David Parkins www.djparkins.com
  4. Yes I remember building Adrian's 4mm Mk.1 Suburban coaches in longer versions of those tubes!
  5. To end the speculation I am posting a link here to our own web site about several of Adrian's 7mm ranges and the Classic Commercials range - https://www.djparkins.com/home.php?cat=350 Please note the part about us not having the time to get into discussions about individual items. We are very busy getting all the currently available items onto the sight and re-tooling out of stock ones. Updates will be made at very regular intervals as more stuff is being added every day - see the sidebar menus on our home page - https://www.djparkins.com/home.php - for the individual ranges. There are some real bargains to be had at present, as with the stock that came with our purchase, we thought we'd just keep the prices at or just below those charged when Adrian was last trading - and hopefully this will provide an alternative to some of the exhorbitant prices being suggested on a certain auction site for [in particular] the 43-two-1 wagon kits. As new production costs get applied in the future, then obviously prices will have to rise - though of course we will always strive to keep them as low as possible, as we do with our own MMP kits. For the SR Coach building fans amongst you, you might want to check this link out! - https://www.djparkins.com/home.php?cat=351 Regards to all, David Parkins An afterthought! With the inherited stocks of wagon kits you get the added bonus of addtional reading material from the scrunched-up pages Adrian used for packing. Catch up with the Radio Times and the Poole & Dorset Herald from as far back as the 1970s!
  6. To end the speculation and to keep discussions to another area, I am just posting a link here to our own web site about several of Adrian's ranges - https://www.djparkins.com/home.php?cat=350 I shall post more details on the thread about ABS Models in the Small Suppliers section in a day or two. Regards to all, David Parkins
  7. Agreed - but I think all the posts have been towards that end, and not at all off-topic - i.e. to encourage you and to show that it can be done without any problems. I wish you well in the build and look forward to seeing how it all progresses. Any advice you need - just ask here or PM me. DJP/MMP
  8. Thanks Jeff - I'm well but overworked - and about to be more so! Not so - the mineral kits were introduced with individual leaf spings. It really depends on what you mean by working leaf springs, as nowhere on our web site is there reference to working leaf springs - rather individual leaf springs. If cleaned up, de-cusped and formed correctly they look so much better than cast ones and it is interesting to see that at least one other producer of etched wagon kits has followed suit. Obviously they cannot be working leaf springs in the truest sense of the word, since you cannot scale mass. But they do enable free movement of the horn block within the W iron, thus keeping all the wells on the track. Regards David
  9. John, You seem to have to post this remark every time there is an online build of an MMP kit, as if it automatically applies to every other builder. Obviously other people can build our underframes as witnessed by this link - http://www.7mmlocomotives.co.uk/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=530 And this is of a far more complex underframe than that of an unfitted mineral. Obviously the eight shoe fitted minerals are a little different as you have all the complexities of that tank wagon compressed into a 9' wheelbase. If it was the leaf springs that defeated you, then there are also several online examples of builds where they have been installed and look well. David Parkins Modern Motive Power www.djparkins.com
  10. I have just spoken with Simon Varnam of Building O Gauge Online. He has asked me to post that he has had a minor stroke that has left him quite debilitated, but is hopeful things will improve in a while. He cannot source any flux right now due to supply issues. As soon as this changes any orders will be fulfilled.
  11. Hello Mr Woodyfox Yes - well thereby hangs a tail! Back in the 1980s my white metal casting was done by the [now late] Adrian Swain. When RJH took over they didn't want to use him, and so so something of a stand-off ensued over the casting moulds, as I recall. Despite having all the original brass masters, RJH made new moulds [very badly], but in the main used second-generation castings for the masters! The results you will be able to guess at - differential shrinkage, distortion and pitting. The clamp pressures they were casting at were incredible so they then had to start making additional 'panic' feeds into the mould cavities. All the above is the reason why your tank wagon ends look like a moonscape! I do totally agree with your comments about the mental processes involved in building. Best regards David Parkins
  12. Not sure who David Parkin is but I imagine it must be me! The following relates to Class 56 kits - but could be about several other subjects in both my original PWP diesel range, and my later MMP range. A Class 56 was introduced by me in 1980 in the Post-War Prototypes range, which I sold to RJH in 1988 and now resides with PRMRP. Same with the Class 37 and about 28 other loco kits. When we introduced these kits they were all priced around the £50 mark, and they sold in their hundreds as cheapo kits that you could very much make what you wanted out of. That was the whole ethos behind them until, when under the ownership of RJH, they took it upon themselves to increase the prices by arounds 250% without upgrading them! But it is nice to see the OP of this thread getting stuck in and making something out of them. We did a Class 56 in the Modern Motive Power range, along with several other diesel kits - a totally different kit to that first one we did in 1980. It came out in 1999 and was withdrawn about ten years back. This I assume is one of the models you say I didn't produce. It's withdrawal along with the rest of my diesel range at that time had nothing to do with Heljan. It was due to the very original and quite bizarre criticisms made of all these diesel kits, including on this forum - that they had too much detail in them and that the box contained too much for the money! I certainly haven't given up on anything, and assumptions are often unsafe things to make. I still hold all these masters and other tooling, and also ones for several more diesel and electric loco subjects I have not yet produced. I may revisit them if that big bad hungry wolf ever comes knocking - who knows? The above is just by way of a little history for the sake of accuracy, though I do of course realise that us old geezers who are still manufacturers [and who might still be suffering from 'not being there' in the 1960s!], know less about our own businesses and kit-ographies, than others seem to! David ParkinS Modern Motive Power www.djparkins.com
  13. Agree Chris - Can there be a sadder epitaph to anyone than 'he mean't no harm', or equivalent? We need people who tell it like it is, and Adrian certainly did that!
  14. It is with great regret I must report the passing of Adrian Swain earlier today. He had battled long and hard with cancer in recent years. I first met him in 1971, and a little later in my father's model shop, as he used to stock Adrian's 4mm kits, right from when he first started out as a manufacturer. His name was known to me before this however, as I enthused over an article in the October 1965 Model Railway Constructor on detailing the first two vehicles for his parcels train. I was 13 at the time and read the article on a bus, travelling home from a hard day's trainspotting at Bournemouth Central! In recent years, after he had placed his business in suspended animation due to his health, and we would have periodic two hour phone calls. The first hour would be about models and the second about politics and reptiles [in which we both shared an iterest]. Although banned from this forum for a period in recent years, he takes with him an almost unrivalled knowledge of some areas of our hobby, particularly perhaps, that of freight stock from a certain era. No doubt details about the procurement of his ranges of kits will appear on the model forums in the coming weeks and months, and in this regard I will have an announcement of my own to make reasonably soon. Meanwhile, a very sad day for many of us. David Parkins Modern Motive Power
  15. As I posted on another forum, this is very sad. Fred was indeed a pioneer of the etched kit - that went on to have such a large effect on our hobby over many years. As a professional carriage builder in the late 1970s I remember always being pleased if a commission included the construction of a Mallard kit, as you knew it was of sound design and would go together well. My sympathies, David Parkins
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