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  1. Hi all, I want to build a sentinel in 1/24 scale. I had a model railway magazine ( can't remember which one )with a review of the Dapol O gauge model and it had 3 view plans and different colour schemes included in it. My magazine has disappeared. Has anyone got a copy? I would be grateful if they could send me a scan if they have. I have some pictures off the internet but they are not comprehensive or good quality. Thanks Steve M.
  2. Hi, here's a photo of my H&B breakdown train. Still under construction at Stepney station which needs chimneys and a few other bits. G gauge 1/24 th "ish". It's part of my toy trainset the Hull, Barnsley and North eastern Heritage Railway. The signal box is gone so I have based it on old photos, the other buildings are toytown versions of existing buildings in the area near Stepney Station on Beverley Road, Hull. I have been using Foamex, a mix of white, black sheets and others printed with brick and tile patterns. I tried the scribing method for brickwork but it takes too long for me, then you still have to paint it. My method is like giant Superquick card models you get in OO and N gauge. I use Jacksons miniatures 1/24 windows, they are brilliant.
  3. Hi Mick, thanks so much for the photo. Some nice little details I can build in. I'll post some photos later this week when the train is a bit closer to being finished. i will be visiting the engineers too as you suggested.
  4. Hi all, I am modelling the H & B R breakdown train in 1/24 scale using Thomas G gauge stuff. I have done the riding van and tool van using Spiteful brake van chassis and the match truck will be done with a troublesome truck one. For the actual 10 ton crane I will scratch build the 6 wheel chassis myself. I have got a lot of general hand crane images from Google but no actual photos of the H & B R crane. Can anyone help please? Steve Manners.
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