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  1. Thanks to the Boys at Barwell I received a detail pack for the model I mentioned earlier, got it finished now. Thanks chaps.
  2. Hi all, A few pages ago I enquired if there were any spare white air that were not going to be used by anyone. Bachmann kindly sent me a set but they were for the original 24, many thanks to them for there prompt service. So may I ask again if there are any spare pipes out there to purchase to finish my 24 141. Many thanks Paul.
  3. They sure have Phil. In the post now. Thanks. By the way I painted the side grills black on mine, it does make a difference. {see pics above}
  4. This is my version of 24 141, last original boxed version running in 1976. Unfortunately it was supplied with four vac pipes and only one white air pipe, so may I ask if there is anyone out there not going to use theirs and are willing to part with them to pm me please. Thanks Paul.
  5. Thanks for that, no wonder I could not find any with a search! I have asked Railtec if they have anything suitable but for now I will investigate further. Regards Paul
  6. Hi I am currently doing two at the moment that will be finished in blue, any ideas where to get a suitable number transfer sheet from? Thanks Paul
  7. Yes sure will, have done it before.. Thanks for the replies. Paul.
  8. That brilliant, thanks, just as I would like to do, with headcode set to zeros. Thanks Paul
  9. Hi All. Does anyone have dates for the fitment of MU cables to the 86's? I'm hoping to have a couple for my under construction 1976 layout but can't find much information. Thanks in advance.
  10. Halfords grey primer here's another that shows the roofs. Thanks for the comments.
  11. A few pics of mine with grey roof area and renumbering.
  12. I've masked off the roof area on both of mine, removed the bus bar and insulators and pantographs and resprayed with Halfords grey primer. Then gave everything a light dusting of dark brown powder after it was reassembled. Will post some pic's over the weekend. You are better off removing the body from the chassis than taking the bogies apart, a couple of pieces of plastic card will slide up between body and chassis and the body will slide off as its only retained by some clips. Hope this helps.
  13. Your mixer is painted in Pioneer Concrete colours, an Aussie firm taken over by Hansons. Hansons still had some Hino mixers until 2015/16. there was certainly one running out of Cannock plant. Paul.
  14. Thanks John, Will order a set. Regards to all. Paul.
  15. Thanks for that I remember the windows now you've said it. Thanks Paul.
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