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  1. Hi, does anyone know the name of the 2 level electric and diesel stabling layout thats just been put up for sale. Just cant remember.

  2. Its just taken half an hour to remove central arrow and cab numbers with tcut and cotton buds, they are quite stubborn on E3156, so as above be gentle and take your time to avoid scratches. PS I also use blue tcut as it does not leave white residue in panel lines etc.
  3. Ordered mine Friday 4pm from Rails, arrived 10am yesterday, well impressed with service and the loco, looks bl##dy good to me. Numbers have taken a bit of time to remove, have also removed arrows as I have a cast set to replace them. Headcode change was the easiest one I've ever done. Should be finished over the weekend will post a pic or two when its done.
  4. Hi I am after a couple of 4mm ferret and dartboard transfers for an Ivatt mogul if anyone has some spare. Thanks in advance, Paul
  5. I've just ordered E3156 as I need to renumber to a TOPS MU fitted 86/0 and did not fancy removing orange cantrail strip as I had to do with the Baccy 85's. Will post pics if anyone wants to see it.
  6. A couple from my work in progress layout.
  7. I use slightly thinned Tamiya XF69 NATO black on side grills. Seems to work OK.
  8. Hi all Any ideas which would be the best Kadee to use? I'm thinking 146, anyone used any or has better suggestion? Thanks Paul.
  9. Hi Sam, PM sent regarding 1976 Railway World issues. Regards Paul.
  10. May I ask why the you think the SLW 25 is considered as being a niche product? There are so many independent producers now that they must be taken seriously by everyone. I would not consider buying a 37 from anywhere other than a 'niche' company but think also Bachmanns 24/1 is excellent. Of the two models that will be available the SLW appears to be more accurate around the cab door area, but we will have to wait and see, given past releases I know where my moneys going.
  11. Does any money change hands when one is ordered? just wondering as I have a 37 and 2 86's to pay for first but would like to make sure I get a couple of blue ones.
  12. Hi, does anyone have any photos of 37 119 during 1975/76?Will be renumbering an accurascale model and would like to get details correct. Thanks.
  13. Are there any of 37 119 during 75/76 out there?????????? Guess what my accurascale class 37 is going to be numbered! Thanks Paul.
  14. In the mid 70's West Midlands Gas had red LWB Transits, with liftup back doors and the sliding front doors that often used to fall out of their runners onto the floor, what a way to make an entrance when dealing with an emergency. Ours were bull nosed with diesel engine fitted. Can't find any pictures though. Keep up the great work, its inspiring. Regards Paul
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