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  1. Your mixer is painted in Pioneer Concrete colours, an Aussie firm taken over by Hansons. Hansons still had some Hino mixers until 2015/16. there was certainly one running out of Cannock plant. Paul.
  2. Thanks John, Will order a set. Regards to all. Paul.
  3. Thanks for that I remember the windows now you've said it. Thanks Paul.
  4. Sadly a house move has deprived me of the large area I had before. The layout now resides in the cellar in storage, about 90% of the track is laid, now I'm working on a WCML station approach. Will post some progress if there is any interest. Paul.
  5. Where these the units that ran on the Crewe to Cardiff services for a while before they were replaced by Class 25's. I seem to remember them running through Shrewsbury in the late 70's? During early 80's on a commute from Wolves to Shrwesbury a 120 was rostered and the speedo hand always went to the stop on the long downhill run from Wellington. The bench seats [sofa's] behind the Drier were very comfortable and gave a fantastic view ahead. Paul
  6. Thanks Pete, I missed out a very important C. Checked your site before I asked. Its for a couple of Bachmann models I've repainted. Are these suitable for them? Paul.
  7. Thanks Pete, I missed out a very important C. Checked your site before I asked. Its for a couple of Bachmann models I've repainted. Paul.
  8. Hello, could anyone point me in the direction of 4mm bogie bolster transfers please. Thanks in advance.
  9. Add a bit of weathering and run it as an everyday loco. My boy loves this and it will be his one day.
  10. Great inspiration and ideas, have done this to a matchbox TV van.
  11. Does this count? built for my son.
  12. Hi I've tried a zen 360 with stay alive, lenz gold and hattons 8 pin direct all of which were at hand and also to large. Will order a zen nano and see what happens. here's a couple of pics of my renumbered 009 as runnig July 1976 and as class 81 was mentioned earlier a couple of one I've been working on. Need to speak to Lee to fit handrails and give it a squirt of blue and yellow. Hope the Heljan 86 is going to be a vast improvement on thier first effort. Thanks Paul.
  13. Hi Anyone chipped on yet? If so which have you used. Have tried 3 for my 87 009 but none are small enough. Thanks Paul.
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