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  1. According to the Accurscale Facebook page they have arrived . My payment for Coil A wagons i had on pre order has been taken
  2. Received today an e,mail notification of payment made. So hopefully delivery soon . At 2 06 views of loading & hauling train by a 31 also shown a glimpse of 2 bauxite vans descending the yard there decent controlled by D0WTY railway retarders ,made at the Hydraulic division based at Ashchurch.
  3. Rather this one. Lasted in service until 1965. Named Keith in 1937. Certainly has more saleable potential as a model by Bachmann
  4. When you consider its the 60th anniversary of the outshopping of D1000 .
  5. If like myself there are any members of the Bachmann Collectors Collectors club who have not received the Autumn 2021 issue of Bachmann times yet. Contact them on 01455 245565. I've spoken to them today & they informed me the magazine distributor was having issues with distribution.
  6. It looks like the old method of presenting new range for the calendar year has gone. That said there is far more competition in the market place now so understandable.
  7. ooops, sorry my mistake. Good point about making contact ,the web Bachmann website appears to be down. Aside from that one criticism i have of the 'Works Report' .This year 3 models in retooled form in OO gauge have emerged from Bachmann with out prior notification in the collectors club magazine, which was always the main focus of the magazine because you actually knew what was coming soon.
  8. Top SLW Bottom Bachmann low resolution iphone picture
  9. CORRECT SORRY The only place i could park the info
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