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  1. Nice chap! Had a chat to him on the platform at york station once (didnt know who he was) until I drove the train to brum and was chatting to the train manager in mess room and then he said who he was ie' rail atlas chap' he sat in 1st class on hst to brum jotting notes for updates to books...(1st class staff pass as ms grade) the atlas are staff go to book as many route learning maps issued are pants, the atlas points out where you are in relation to other routes and locations..saw him a few times on network he always said hi, another 'proper' railway man passes. Still have my copy in a box s
  2. Sorry spelling check intervened should read 'fart' not heart!
  3. Yes I'll have to say the 'road crew' ...and ...'skilled operators'...are the beating heart of a good train set!... G...
  4. If you hadn't posted prototype pic I was going to suggest screwing the top on your slaters mek-pak ! Bonkers but brill..
  5. I've seen and read many posts on rmweb, but this one realy is the end of the line!
  6. Sounded like a bell jet ranger helicopter spoiling up to full power..
  7. The APT-E looks something out of a disposition future film like hunger games .....the Capitol Express
  8. Its not going to get any better .......... 'We' and you...not getting any younger...especially as I've joined the over 50s club this year! Birthday during lockdown! And I was taking (and paying) all family for a curry....bloody shame lockdown happened....!
  9. My goodness ... I know you you want it bigger ...but 2.5 to 3 miles between control points !
  10. Skill level 10.....next step Ebay expert level!.....out with black poster paint. Top draw
  11. It's about now that Bachmann will announce new tooling for class 222 for 2021!
  12. Absolutely brill...! train shunted in to sidings a week later as the 6 o'clock news broadcast at 6.14! Due to wrong type of snow, aslef industrial action, stale ham sardines with hard crusts! Was it for real or April fools trick?
  13. You can now do a cameo scene for derby end of etches park shed where the EMT spare cabs are kept?
  14. Clever clever clever.....well done jack. If there us a on line vote to livery...purple EMT for me..
  15. We said you where mad thinking about doing a 222! So above pictures of unit confirms you are mad....but talented and mad....it goes back to 1980s modeling when modelers made 26 or 27s out of a lime 33....proper modeling! no shake the box stuff for jack! Signals and wagons look well too Well done G
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