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  1. and the extremely drunk life guards!!!, can see wires for markers and also missing air filters
  2. Try putting 2x31s in to air and vac with multiple working cables with two full sets of plows! In July!! On a slimy oily dark wind swept sidings...in the rain....am I selling this to you? after the driver has helped you out by squeezing the buffers tight'! in stead of just kissing them....! Revenge is sweet when thay want to 'give you a go' on the return journey after a shandy or two and a couple of games of darts on break?....no your alright ill just make the tea! When all they wanted was a snooze! It's a fair chance thay have all shunted off to sidings in the sky....so can't answer for them self's...I would never squeeze buffers tight for a member of staff didn't particularly like....oops
  3. I thought it was me picking up somthing I shouldn't of from a page I shouldn't of been on! each time I click on notifications either on PC or phone....boom...there it is again! ....didnt think I needed anti ageing cream and a new bike! But apparently the add says I do!....come on sort it out life's to short to find the x to close the add box
  4. You never know Hornby 08 designer might of only ever seen a skirted o8.....there all like that I suppose! In days before tinternet.... ....uncanny prototypical in proportions!
  5. Thanks for info.....every day a school day..... Never seen on prototype or model....down hill carriage siding jocko was never fitted or any of Allerton's 08s in 80s and 90s....could of done with a skirt on door to stop washer water soaking your feet ! G
  6. Never seen one with a skirt! Why? How long fitted? What locos? And a diligent driver.....folded back red lense on marker light for 'running' not shunting...!
  7. Every one is getting in on this abandoned railS thing.....Geoff Marshall on you tube just posted one on abandoned railS in Alderley! Don't know how to put yt links in but quick search and you will find it.... Not a dig at Mr Marshall but he semms to be getting louder and louder on his vids! He posts some good content but shhhh..he was even heard on some one else's blog on avanti westcoast record run and he was at other end of coach at 125mph....I must be getting grumpy in old age!.....wheres my volume button?
  8. steady on! think we have drifted in to dangerous territory hear....European railways! take two paracetamol have a 3 minuet nap and you will feel better.... destroy your latest edition of CM and return to the light that is UK modelling! Ps nice tram loco!
  9. hi could you post a link to your 3mm stuff for sale. tar. G
  10. Ohhhh last photo cobbles ... rails...concrete...weeds ..what's not to like
  11. Legend has it no one in widnes gets a cold!....funny enough there where two old hand widnes drivers at garston with the biggest red bull noses you have seen in your life...always wondered but never had the balls to ask! But red nose was probably to do with the amount of ale they could sink...
  12. Probably one of the Ditton yard shunters....when I was at garston depot in 90s there where 3 or 4 drivers and shunters semi permanent allocated to 'The Ditton shunt depot. Thay covered Ditton sleeper yard the BOC plant and tanhouse Lane cement depot.....we covered the depot for sickness and jollys, had a couple of trips to taphouse Lane and BOC ditton but never the sleeper creosote yard at Ditton....(next to up main line look small but was quite a size once in)but the Ditton drivers always had the 08 brass starting leaver hidden in the smelly messroom somewhere...after been unable to start 08 due to no key you soon learnt to take a spare 'spoon' (key) Tanhouse was not the nicest of areas with all the chemical factorys in the area.....the signal box was supplied with a respirator if the weedkiller factory spillage alarm went off....Nice! Do wish I took pictures at work would of been informative
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