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  1. As all ways top draw stuff......but....who has been dribbling on roof above the '7'...? I know American rail fans are called frothers! But rail fans from South Yorkshire...'droolers' or 'dribblers' get a tissue! G
  2. You do know by posting the above you have left the door open to trolls and rmwebers who are nasty...twisted...and just not nice...who dont have anything better to do ....did not know there was a loco called Dragon breath!....(so glad you always let the 'good lady's go shopping when you visit shows or I'll be in for it! ) Regards G the troll
  3. Top work as to be expected.....but.....pipes!....come on you know the standards!
  4. Did i just see the headbord on ebay for sale at £250 buy it now! Collectors item. G
  5. I've sent my theatrical stand in...the only fault he's better looking than me! And he's not ginger (African sunset actually)
  6. How it was pre extention days...12vDC .... none of this new fangle 'D double C' as dcc was described by a member of public at BRM Doncaster show recently! (Sorry if you are reading this post sir...you made me chuckle all weekend!) ...lima Mk2s with wheel flanges turned in a battery drill! Take that EM boys...! Lima 08 with impetus undercarage... AAAAHhhhh take me back when the only sounds where lima grinding gears....deep flanges tip toeing through the code 75 points and chairs..........and the sound of operators farting on Sunday afternoon after a weekend of beer and curry! Good luck the weekend boys enjoy. G
  7. Can't see the driver! Or his/her hand waving from under sun visor! Nice to see pipes clipped where they should be....not jiggling around like a set of bag pipes. G
  8. Top work jack.. Will look and sound brill on DL at weekend....in till it gets parked in big shed and blocked in by wagons .. ..coach's and demic locos! Loco stopped for repairs to F2 and F 3! G
  9. Last train got to be Thomas the tank...at 150mph!
  10. Micks will be ex's to Nottingham...no legless passengers
  11. Is it having a spin on DL at Donny? Matlock to Nottingham
  12. All the best jack. Good luck with first show....where and when? So I can give you some of my usual!! Support. G
  13. Sorry phil....big fan of your work but the coke 'cans' look O gauge to me...'re paint a more maroonish red ...abracadabra... .extra large (OOgauge)doublefrapachenomoca2shotexpressosoyamilked....6 quid please Costa coffee.... You also need more bags on seats! And not a smart phone or lap top to be seen. Get the body on quick ...it will stop smart a£$es making daft observations. G
  14. This could be the start of a new thread....READERS TIES...cool or look at the skipper on that.! Think I need help ...I'm broken.
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