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  1. I hope you don't mind but I've been expanding on the 7P class three more 7P's and a Sub class called 7P/2 the Extra 7P's names are as following 'ShootingStar' follow the name on from Starstrider, the two of them haul the premiere Sleeper train from Tidmouth to King's Cross Via Manchester. 'Sparta' Nothing really notable with this one other than rescuing a stranded Electric train in 52. Name is from the 1924 winner of the Balladrine Premiere Cup. 'Balladrine Racecourse' Named after the racecourse in the town west of Killdane, hauled the Race day train named the Racecourse Rambler made of 14 high capacity coaches, Later Requisitioned for Operation: Chariot, modification's included an extra 100 pounds of traction effort was need to pull the train, and a steam powered sander that use extra steam however slowed it down ,crew's gave the engine the Nickname "The Slugger" due to it's loud exhaust bark when cimbing hills. Just want an opinion on the names I have more names for another six engines. ( These are the 7P/2's)
  2. Are you going to do your own take on James if so what will his name origin be?
  3. What do you plan on using for the Lentz Valve Gear?
  4. What did you use for the Under carrige/ Valve gear?
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