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  1. Hmmm. I think I'll pass on lasercut if I'm going to have to replace most of it to get a model that looks passable. Other than Skytrex is there anyone else out there doing resin building kits?
  2. OK, tried [insert name of very annoying search engine here] and had no luck finding either of the items in the title. Anyone know of a supplier(s) of such things preferably resin or plastic kit. Scratchbuilding is out because my efforts look like those of a deranged five year old child!
  3. I've acquired some old kits but they have no wheels and the buffers are horrible. Does anyone know what size wheels and type of buffers I will need? I've been looking at Slaters but there are so many to choose from!
  4. I see no actual reason that the name needs to be continued with. If we look at what Peco did with the Parkside i.e. add in the Ratio rolling stock kits and their O gauge kits by giving them Parkside numbers....why would the Coopercraft name be needed? If we look at Slaters the O gauge kits are listed as "Formerly Coopercraft." which I'm sure they'll ditch once it gets known that they are in their range. Peco would actually be the ideal company to take on the rolling stock tooling especially if it fits their machines or can be made to. Just my tuppence worth.
  5. NLR tank would be nice. Four different liveries to choose from (NLR, LNWR, LMS, BR) and a survivor to get scans from.
  6. Any company that decides to make a tender loco like those mentioned needs to watch which tenders they choose. If they were used with more than one class it therefore reduces the tooling cost should they wish to add one of these other classes to their range. The Dean tenders could be seen behind other classes. The Fowler 4F would be a good choice seeing as Lima once made one; that tender was used behind other classes too....
  7. Definitely summer. The rain proves it! On topic: I'd like a 45xx but only once I see one running. Off Topic: I'd like to see a Metro Tank, 517 class and a Dean Goods in RTR next.......
  8. I've seen that one on Powsides' site. It is on my list of kits to acquire but really it's Dapol I was wondering about because they have done an awful lot of 'OO' RTR wagons from this line (Bliss Tweed Mills being one that has so far eluded me) because they don't care for accurate prototypes like Powsides do.
  9. Oh dear. Well, that rules out aircraft wreckage on my layout then.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a kit of a Heinkel HE111 available?
  11. Thanks Bartb but there is nothing from this line there. Even POWSIDES have almost nothing. Dapol have done quite a few in 00 many of which I have but with the shift in scale I was hoping to find some here too. Alas no luck!
  12. I would rather like a Triumph Dolomite...but not the 70's rot box you're thinking of! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_Dolomite_(1934–1940) In my opinion one of the prettiest cars made pre war and I bet most of you didn't know they made cars pre war. Oh, and pray you don't break that grill; they are mazak of all things! The first car in Britain to have hydraulic brakes was a Triumph and only one survives. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_13/35
  13. Morning all. Does anyone have/know of a list of the PO wagons that Dapol have made? I'm looking for anything that was on the Banbury to Cheltenham Direct Railway. For those interested my Great-Grandfather was a labourer on this line (he is in the 1891 census as a railway labourer) and it is also how my family came in to Oxfordshire.
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