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  1. Hi Phil, Thanks yet again for update. I tranferred the layout onto "anyrail" which now gives me quantities of rail/points etc I require. I will now have to raid my piggy bank, big time!
  2. What can I say. When I first posted I never expected a custom drawn layout. Thank you so much for all your input, and everyone else's comments. I am overwhelmed. It suits the area I have so well and I look forward to the build. I have to finish clearing room first but will post photos as I go. This may be some time as I expect to do this in the Autumn. I feel I must owe you something? All the best, Dave
  3. Phil, don't let me stop you. More ideas the better. River/canal a particular favourite.
  4. Thanks Phil, hardly a "sketch". Thank you so much for the time you have put in (even the doors). I do like the station at an angle, a little less formal. I think "nothing fancy" suits me as a beginner. I have quiet a lot of 2nd hand setrack, but am quiet prepared to go for steamline. May I ask what you drew "sketch" in. As a former CAD draughtsman I am always interested.
  5. Thank you very much. I like it. Will see if I get any other suggestions. I must say I am amazed at how helpful every one is.
  6. Thanks everyone again for comments and a sketch would be great Phil. As you can see I am struggling.
  7. The squares are 12". Agreeing with not having curved platform (don't fancy constructing the buildings on a curve).
  8. I realise track positions need refining. This is first go using some bits from researched layouts. The dotted lines are crawl access under layout from doorways. Shown so framework can be designed. I am open minded whether to keep station on corner. Should I keep single line at bottom or double up? The fiddle yard may become static as is often the way. I just fancy building a moving one!!
  9. Thank you all for the effort you are putting in to advise me. I am slowly taking it all in and changing my requirements. I will post a revised layout as soon as I can for further comment. I am looking at it now like buying a house. List all the things you want - then compromise!
  10. My room is 11- 6 x 6 - 0 with 2 doors which can both be opening out. 00 gauge. I would like some continuous running. Not keen on terminus station or large express locos. Keen on GWR. I like modelling. I do not intend to run trains all the time so a simply layout appeals. Would like goods yard, small through station, engine shed/s etc with room for a small village. Now thinking that main layout of 10 x 6 with 2 foot fiddle yard at one end.
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