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  1. Hi Phil, Thanks, a good clear explanation, I have not ballasted yet so easy to lift the 5 turnouts I have laid so far. I may buy a cheap used DCC controller for testing before I go any further. Track laying currently held up waiting for slips and crossings. Tony
  2. Concerned about the shorting issue as I am currently laying bullhead turnouts but testing on DC as I have yet to decide on a DCC system. How did you do the modification? apologies if I have missed it somewhere else. Tony
  3. TonyW

    New OO Bullhead Crossings

    I was hoping they would be out by Christmas, this now looks like a serious delay to putting down any more track.
  4. Colin, I did not make any admission of fault on my part, I just followed the instructions and told them which instructions I followed, if the instruction are not clear its hardly my fault. I am not prepared to publish the e-mail train because it contains my personal contact details which I don't want on an open forum. I could waste my time editing them out but it defeats the object if the e-mail is edited. I have nothing to hide from the e-mail train which has been printed and packed with the failed unit to post to the retailer tomorrow morning. They contacted me yesterday concerned that the issue was not resolved they have been more than helpful and a credit to the industry. My honesty has been questioned and I will not use DCC again and that's the end of it. Two weeks holiday starting tomorrow, when I come back I will decide if I want to continue with this project or sell the lot and put the proceeds towards a classic car. Classic cars I understand , its mechanical engineering and I am fully qualified, I could and have written the instructions. Tony
  5. Colin, Yes I could do that but I say again we are railway modellers not electronics engineers. I followed the instructions if the product is sensitive to any sort of connection errors then the instructions should clearly state 'Only to be used by a qualified engineer'. Things have moved on and I am no longer looking for a replacement PSU, I have finished with their products. Turnout control will move to dcc via PC software rather than analogue and a conventional control panel, something I have been considering for a while. As of this morning all Cobalts have been removed from the layout, all the original wiring will also be removed ready or a clean start with a dcc accessory bus. The issue has been put down to a bad experience and I won't support a manufacturer that questions my honesty. Tony
  6. Ian, Sorry if you thought I was getting at you, no its as you said, 45568's response I objected to. A destroyed PSU2 at £49.99 is not the end of the world, I have good size fire extinguisher in the train room. If they had originally come clean that there was an issue with the PSU2 under certain conditions and offered some friendly customer orientated advice I would have just put it down to experience. After all the Cobalts are a first class product but they have now lost a customer for those. Tony
  7. Try again with the attachment, third para in red says it all DCC email.pdf
  8. No misleading info given and I strongly object to the insinuation, I repeat, I followed the instructions on the web site and would also comment that we are railway modellers not electronics engineers. This e-mail just in from DCConcepts, I can't copy and paste it in so its attached as a pdf
  9. My PSU2 unit failed, smoke, buzzing and most of my control panel LEDs fried. Subsequent check showed the unit was outputting 18v and 37v - twice what its supposed to. Everything connected to manufactures instructions; PSU, Cobalts, Control Panel etc. I printed everything from their web site and produced a manual, instructions followed to the letter. Contacted Hattons but its out of their six months warrantee, told to contact the manufactured who would replace it as its under a year old. DCConcepts not interested, got the big fob-off, its your fault, "you must have had a prolonged short". If the unit is so susceptible to shorts why no safety cut out, after all 50 year old Triang power units had such a feature, if there was a short or overload a little red button popped up. Very poor service, DCConcepts claim to support their customers, if they were a UK company Trading Standards would be on the case. It seems the warrantee on this unit is worthless; I will not be buying another. A very dissatisfied EX-customer.
  10. I am looking at DCC systems with computer control but I am not keen on the Dynamis handset, did you notice if there was an option to use a tablet(s) as with Hornby's Railmaster? If this is possible I will hold off buying until the Bachmann system is available.
  11. Terry, Thanks, I had already spotted LRM, they look a nice kit, unfortunately they only match the Hillmorton box which I may or may not include. It was on the line from the MPD and the 'triangle', I have a photo of the box but do not know its exact location but it is a good match for the LRM's box. The Rugby boxes I am including are No1, No4 and No5 which seem to have had their windows replace at some point, certainly not as many vertical bars as a typical LNWR type 4. This web site www.warwickshirerailways.com is an invaluable source of photographic information. Tony
  12. Hi Terry, My recollection is that the local paper, The Coventry Evening Telegraph, started a campaign to raise funds to buy the loco but both the Coventry City Council and the Coventry Museum were not interested in contributing. Without looking at the cutting from the paper, I think BR were only asking about £2300 but only a around £100 was raised from readers. The other disappointment was that 46256 was cut up, should have been saved for the National Collection. I have a donor Hornby Duchess and the full Comet conversion kit stored away to recreate 46256 when there is time after track wiring. Tony
  13. Hi Kelly, Yes these days Rugby is best passed straight through. As a small boy I remember Rugby as a quiet small town where not much happened, unfortunately not so now which accounts for the distance we have put between us. My parents lived in Brinklow, half way between Rugby and Coventry. From 1989 to 2009 I travelled from Rugby to Euston on a regular basis for meetings at the companies London office, journey changed quite a bit over that time. I had thought of modelling Coventry station as it was much more compact but being off the WCML it did not offer the named trains I wished to run. Still, Stanier's 'City of Coventry' 46240 will be running through once I have found a suitable late Hornby DCC Duchess to convert. A crime that the original loco was not preserved, I still have the cutting from the Coventry Evening Telegraph saying the loco was to be scrapped because the council would not support the fund to buy it. In my view that would be the evil council tax well spent. The disadvantage of living off grid is the time and cost to get anywhere, last November I was planning to come down to Warley to try out various DCC system but when I worked out the cost of fuel, hotels etc. it was more than half the cost of a system! Tony
  14. Hi Terry, I had already factored in the cost of chipping the loco fleet, cost permitting I would ultimately like to add sound. For the last couple of years I have rationalised and ebayed my loco collection down to classes that fit WCML Rugby, plus I have sold off a large die cast vehicle collection and a garage full of kit car spares (scale 1:1). DCC is still a frightening cost though. The signal box I found as an on-line free download, I cannot get the link to work this morning but attached is the pdf. I downloaded over 18 months ago. All I did was to print out several copies and do a cut paste over a card shell to produce a place saver on the layout. No4 box at the north end as per photo is not too far short of the original but No1 at the south end is about half the length of the original, there will also be a representation of No5 box on the north side of the goods yard. Its going to be fun building these but I plan to work all three on a modular format and use some standard windows if I can find something near, if not it may be worth getting some custom ones produced. PDF attached, I hope its OK, it does state its a free download. LNWR Signal Box Kit Hartington_SB_4mm.pdf
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