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  1. Very sorry to hear of Keith's passing. The last time I saw him was at the last Minehead show, he seemed in good spirits then but I knew he had been fighting cancer for a long time previously. I seemed to meet him at most of the West Country shows and always had a chat. At peace now and will be sorely missed - a real gentleman.
  2. Very sorry to hear the news. I well remember Shirley and Dave in their 'tent' at the Bristol show when it was in the Exhibition Centre, quite a few years ago now. I believe Catalunya is still in the Peco exhibition - at least it was on my visit last year. Sincere condolences to Dave and family.
  3. Very sorry to hear this unexpected news. I knew Graham very well and exhibited at the Thorncombe show several times. He was a true gentleman with a wonderful sense of humour and it was always a pleasure to meet him and chat. My sincere condolences to his family.
  4. Being a new exhibitor to Warley with Lindon Road I was really pleased with the outcome. We were well look after, access into the hall was well controlled and easy as was the packing up and leaving. The layout was packed up by 5.30 p.m. and after getting the car from the East Car Park and getting access into the void behind the show - there being no queue - we left around 6.15 and were clear of the site and on to the M42 by 6.30. My helper and myself had a really great time and many thanks to the Warley club members who worked so hard and also to the NEC staff who we found pleasant and helpful. Lindon now packed away - next show is Bristol Thornbury.
  5. Many thanks to Dave and his team for another well organised show, and also thanks to Mike3 for providing a bed for the Friday night, showing me his fantastic layout and operating Southurst for the meal break. Also good to see devonseasider is recovering and enjoying his role as babemagnet. All in all a very enjoyable couple of days in good company.
  6. Very enjoyable day showing Streatwell Green. Many thanks to Dave and the club members for a well organised and friendly exhibition. Also to the cafe staff, the coffee and walnut cake was pretty good as well.
  7. Another big thank you to the Barry and Penarth organisers and club members for a very enjoyable exhibition. And another thanks to the dinner ladies!! And not least thanks to my fellow operator Nick for his help on Streatwell Green, in between his car park duties. Layout all unloaded and put away last night, the M4 and M5 were ok, unlike the Friday afternoon!!!
  8. A bit delayed but many thanks to the organisers for a very pleasant weekend. Also thank you to the club member who operated Southurst on the Saturday and Sunday to enable me to have a lunch break, and a special thanks to the ladies who brought the teas and coffees round. The show was well organised with some lovely layouts and the catering very good indeed.
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